October 13, 2016

DIY Poke-A-Pumpkin Halloween Party Game

DIY Poke-A-Pumpkin Halloween Party Game

DIY Halloween party game

Halloween is in 3 days! Can you believe it? This year we are throwing a Halloween/Birthday party for my nephew who is turning 2 and we decided to save some money by doing most of the decorations, games, and food ourselves. So today I wanted to share with you a really fun halloween party game that we made for the kids called Poke-a-Pumpkin. It’s safer (and easier to clean up) than a pinata and still just as fun! The whole project costs around $10! Let’s check it out!

Here is how to make this DIY Poke-a-Pumpkin Halloween Party Game:

You will need:

  • 20 orange plastic cups
  • orange tissue paper
  • small prizes (stickers, bouncy balls, rings, etc)
  • thick poster board (or cardboard!)
  • glue
  • paint


Step 1: First, arrange your orange cups on your board in the shape of a pumpkin and fill with prizes! I would recommend not putting anything too heavy in the cups because the board will be turned sideways and you don’t want the tissue paper to rip with the weight of heavy prizes.


Step 2: Next cut your tissue paper into squares that are a little larger than your cups. Using a glue stick cover the top of your cup with tissue paper. Glue down the excess paper and let dry completely.


Step 3: After your tissue paper has dried you will want to glue your cups to your board. I used super glue for this part because it dries fast and strong.



Step 4: Get your paint on! Paint a stem and some vines and make sure to label your game!

That’s it! A fun Halloween Party Game in 4 easy steps for about $10! The kids will love it!

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