December 16, 2013

How to wrap your door like a Christmas Present

How to wrap your door like a Christmas Present



Looking for a fun (and easy) way to add some Holiday cheer to your house this year? Then keep reading to learn how to wrap your door like a Christmas Present! I do this for my family every year and my little girl always loves coming home to see our door wrapped! She always gets to pick out the wrapping paper and ribbon, and she loves helping! This project costs about $3 and takes about 10 minutes to complete! 

Here is how you wrap your door like a Christmas Present:



Step 1: Gather your materials! You will need a roll of wrapping paper (make sure to measure your door so you know how wide of a roll you will need!), tape, scissors, and a bow.  I got all these items at the Dollar Tree.



Step 2: Starting at the top, tape your wrapping paper to the top of the door, cut along the bottom of your door, making sure to cute it a little longer than your door so you can wrap it under. Tape the sides and the bottom you it is secure.



Step 3: Cut out a space for your door knob, and make sure to tape the edges.


Step 4: Using a wide ribbon, tape a piece of ribbon from the top to the bottom, and then from side to side.


Step 5: Add a festive bow in the middle! A super easy and fun way to decorate for the Holiday Season!

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Topic: How to wrap your door like a Christmas Present

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