Easy Fondue Recipe

I have a love affair with cheese. It is okay my husband knows. He used it to his advantage. I remember years ago he did just that. Yes, it is a bit foggy to go back years ago. When did I get this old? I remember being in college and we went on a date. You know the one where you put on fancy clothes. He put on a suit and I put on a dress. You could say our love was confirmed over an easy fondue recipe.

easy cheese fondue

We entered into a dim restaurant. It had the tables where you cook your food in the bowls. He had remembered that I used to invite my friends over to have fondue and he thought I might like this restaurant. It was very thoughtful of him and it was very expensive for a guy enlisted in the Navy and a girl in college. He smiled through the whole meal. It wasn’t until we were at my very favorite part that something special happened.

It wasn’t until we were at my very favorite part that something special happened.


We had just finished eating the chocolate portion of our meal. I can still see the mess I had made down the front of my dress with chocolate. I had tried to spot clean it at the table to no avail. Then I did what every girl should do I placed my hair on top of it and hoped he wouldn’t notice that I clearly wasn’t able to eat without leaving a stream of evidence.

Easy Fondue RecipeIt didn’t matter and really it still doesn’t matter. My boyfriend who is now my husband will tell you it was never about what I wore but who I am. Thank goodness because that night I was covered in more chocolate than the strawberry.

It didn’t matter that shy boy across the table from me had a surprise. He had brought a ruby ring with him. It was a ruby surrounded by diamonds and he wanted to know if one day I would marry him. I was a little shocked but looking back I should have known that night was all about me and he wanted to show me that he was willing to compromise to be an “us”.

I slid on that ring and wore it until it was replaced with my engagement band. I think that is why fondue has always had such a big place in my heart.

I have always loved cheese and chocolate but now I love spending time with my kids and watching them dip their food. It is such a great way to have family time and it is a big part of our family history.

Now as parents we use it to disguise vegetables. It is the easiest way is to create a fun meal.  We call it  “fun do”.

Easy Fondue Recipe

This is my Easy Fondue Recipe

16 oz of cheddar cheese

1/2 cup of apple juice, wine,  or beer

1/2 bar of cream cheese

tsp of dry mustard

First, place the apple juice in a heated sauce pan

Second, add in the cream cheese until it is soften

Third, place the cheddar cheese (you can use any shredded cheese you like)

Fourth, stir in the dry mustard.

Finally, place all items in your fondue pot for dipping or  just give the kids their own bowls without the fire. We have even used the butter warmers you use for lobster. They have a tiny tea light under them.

We dip hot dogs, broccoli, carrots, french bread, apples, cauliflower, pretzels, and asparagus.

German Cheddar and Beer Fondue


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