May 17, 2015

Work From Home? You NEED A Great Seat!

Work From Home? You NEED A Great Seat!

Disclosure: I was provided a MaxNomic Computer chair from NEEDforSEAT free of charge to facilitate this review, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂

NEEDforSEAT review

As most of you know, blogging is my full time gig. What most of you might not know, is that it’s a full time job. I am at my desk, on my computer for 8-10 hours a day. For those of you that work at a desk job you know how hard not having a good chair can be on your back. I hate to admit it, but I used to sit on my couch and work with my laptop in my lap propped on on a pillow. That’s not good for my computer or my back. I knew I had to get it together, and my first thought was that I needed a great chair. When you are comfortable it’s easier to stay on your game, concentrate, and relax. So I went searching for the best chair for me, and you guys, I’m telling you I found it at NEEDforSEAT.

pro gaming chair

It’s called the Maxnomic Dominator Green and I have 2 loves in life (aside from my family and friends of course) and they are blogging and video games. This chair is perfect for both of those things.  This PRO-GAMING & OFFICE chair in green/black with green and black accent stitching is stylish and comfortable. The strong upholstery side bolsters of the backrest provide excellent seating comfort. When it’s time for work I can hop in my NEEDforSEAT chair and work in comfort, and when it’s time to fight a few zombies via my PS4 at night, I can recline my seat back and kill em all!

NEEDforSEAT game chait

Another awesome thing about my chair from NEEDforSEAT is the awesome head and lumbar cushions. I had no idea how much I needed these until I got them. They are life changing, seriously. A neck saver and oh-so-soft. Oh and they come FREE with the chair! Trust me, you will love them!

So why should you order your next office chair from NEEDforSEAT?

NEEDforSEAT chair

Simply put, they have the best chair for the best price. They are high quality, long lasting chairs that will surround you in comfort. At NEEDforSEAT , their goal is simple: Complete Customer Satisfaction. Their quality PC gaming and office chairs are designed for years of comfort, with carefully selected materials for endurance and style.

The NEEDforSEAT Difference:

We believe a quality seat begins with a quality base.  After evaluation of customer feedback, MAXNOMIC™ computer office and gaming chairs are built with a solid black metal metal base. Our wheels are also coated to prevent damage to your floors and for better “glide.” 

Are you ready to pick out the best office and gaming chair on the market (in my humble opinion of course!)? Then head on over to NEEDforSEAT today and check out all they have to offer!

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