March 13, 2016

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press Review

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press Review

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press Review

There was a video that went around recently that asked you what kind of mom you are. Though I wanted to be any one of the other mom stereotypes, I was clearly the “hot mess” mom. Despite my many best efforts to be Pinterest worthy, every time I attempt to bake or craft one of my beloved pins something does not seem to come together and I fail… Hard.

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press Review

Recently I was on Facebook and a friend of mine was raving about how easy it was to make cookies with her two youngest kids who are the same ages as my two oldest. I thought it was one of those things that you say on Facebook to make you look like a better mom and just assumed that it was not true. I’ve made cookies with my kids before too. The word “easy” would never be used to describe the situation. Then she put up pictures. Darn if the little cookies didn’t look amazing! They were these adorable little Christmas trees that she dipped the bottom in chocolate hazelnut spread and drizzled sprinkles on top of. It appeared in the pictures as though her kids were at least in the room if not actively making the cookies! I know that when my kids are in the room and I’m baking nothing has a chance of turning out cute. My mother-in-law was over me at the time and I showed her this miracle tool that my friend on my friend was using to make these cookies. It is called the Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press. She said that she had seen them before and that the cookies are really tasty.

Imagine my excitement when two weeks later on Christmas morning I opened up a Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press of my very own! My mother-in-law knew how much I would love it. Because we have a new baby in our family it took me a while before I actually tried it out. The idea of making cookies with my kids is pretty nerve-racking in general. Imagine my surprise when it truly was as easy as everyone said!


I had a roll of peanut butter cookie dough in my freezer that I bought after Christmas on clearance. I figured it would be the easiest thing to test it out with. I had no idea just how easy it would be. I scooped it directly out of the package into the tube and clicked the handle. Once I saw how easy it was I went ahead and let my son try. He is almost 4 years old and just about everything sends him into a meltdown if he cannot do it immediately the way he wants. He loved that he was able to do it all by himself and make two dozen flower shaped cookies in just a few minutes. I cannot tell you how in love I am with this product. Hopefully you all can try it and love it as much as I do!

From the Wilton website:
With 16 terrific shapes to choose from, including 4 fun mini cookie designs, your holiday cookie baskets will be more festive than ever! Non-slip bottom ring keeps press from sliding on cookie sheet so it’s easier to make perfectly shaped cookies. The clear barrel lets you keep track of how much dough you have left so you’ll never be disappointed with a half-formed cookie. The ergonomic, soft-grip trigger means a day full of cookie baking won’t leave your hands hurting, and it’s easy enough to handle that the kids can help! Includes complete instructions and delicious recipes. Perfect for making Scandinavian spritz cookies, also known as butter cookies. Make ribbon cookies filled with sweet treats or sandwiched with preserves, holiday spritzes sprinkled with colored sugar, flower cookies with chocolate chip centers, or flavor the dough with extracts of your choosing. In addition, the cookie press can be used to make savory snacks in flavors like cheddar cheese, barbecue, and more. Includes instructions and recipe booklet. Hand wash and dry thoroughly.

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