August 16, 2019

Wichita Restaurants that You Should Try!

Wichita Kansas, the largest city in the state of Kansas not only has lots of family-friendly activities that will keep you busy and entertained, but this city will also surprise you with its variety of mouthwatering food that will make you ask for more. Check out these Wichita restaurants that you need to try on your next visit.

Wichita restaurants that you should try!

HomeGrown – The Best Place to Eat Breakfast in Wichita

Breakfast will never be the same for you once you’ve tried HomeGrown. This amazing place serves the most delicious breakfast ever. Read my full HomeGrown Wichita Review.

Visit HomeGrown Wichita West at 2835 N. Maize Rd. Wichita, KS  67205

Stearman Field Bar & Grill

Warm pretzels lay before you waiting to be dipped in queso dip with just the right amount of flavor. The first bite you take you can’t believe that softness, warmth, and subtle heat of the dip. You try to be respectful and not slap anyone’s hand as they grab for one.

If you are considering dining in Stearman Field Bar & Grill I would use the Yelp app to get a seat. It is like a plane on the runway where the restaurant sits near you need to organize your seat ahead of time and grab. The aeronautical theme is carried out through the decor. It was fun watching the planes take off outside of the window and on the large screen TV inside the restaurant.

The Stearman Field Bar & Grill is filled with a great bar food options. We had the jumbo wings, chicken sandwich, a caesar salad with chicken, and a steak and almost everything was delicious. I would skip the steak I felt like it was cooked more than medium and it really didn’t have any flavor and it was a wallet buster. The rest of the menu was reasonably priced and very tasty. The waitress Lindsey was exceptional, she was fantastic with a capital F.

Enjoy your experience and buckle your seatbelt for a nice night out.

Rib Crib

Mouthwatering intense flavors in a family-friendly atmosphere is definitely how I would describe Rib Crib. The delectable brisket, and fall off the bone ribs, and flavorful pulled pork were evenly matched.

The fact that the meat is smoked twice daily ensures that every bite is as good as the last. The options to customize your meal with sauces, rubs, and extras like a pile of melting mac and cheese made this a win for all five of us. We also could not get enough of their flavored iced teas.

All in all, if we had more time, we would have circled back and eat there again. I would suggest you bring your wet wipes and a bib because manners may not apply once you have your first bite. The necessity to devour the next order may become more important than what the people next to me think about my manners.

When they say service sells. It does! The service at the Rib Crib coupled with the plentiful menu had me wishing this was our permanent crib.

Little Lion Cafe

Imagine a place that you have ice cream, fun, charm, and flavor combinations that are both delightful and intriguing. This place has hula hoops, swings, outdoor space, shops, charm, and it is all in the confines of a shipping container center. It exists!

My husband stated that their dairy-free elderberry ice cream was the best ice cream he has ever had. I had that same ice cream nestled between a macaroon. Lovely doesn’t begin to capture the taste. Imagine the sun after three days of rain or a glass of water after a long run. It was the dessert your body craves.

Little Lion Cafe features creamy, sweet, tart, decadent dessert choices that will have everyone in your family roaring for more.

Yaya’s Eurobistro

Yaya’s Eurobistro was described to me as earthy and elegant. I want to add out of this world. The European- American fusion highlights the best of both worlds. The location is deceptive because as soon as the door is open, you are transported to Europe. The staff, decor, and extensive wine collection set the scene for a play that includes all required elements for a bestselling novel.

I apologize that my photography doesn’t capture the absolutely delectable meal we experienced. The restaurant features mood lighting that is exceptional for dining but not for food photography.

We started our meal with the CHARCUTERIE.

It has specks of ham, salami, chef’s choice of two cheeses, pickled veg, roasted grape mostarda, almonds, ciabatta. This is an excellent way to taste the destination that you visit. They are usually full of hometown grown favorites. This one was no exception, the cheese was gourmet and gratifying.

I shared the 8oz center cut filet on top of a potato puree, gorgonzola crust, asparagus, chianti demi. They were able to split my dish and put it on two dishes. I am glad I did so because I had anticipated the chocolate souffle that you should order at dinner to guarantee it comes out by the end of your meal.

It was worth the wait, the cake souffle was just like you dreamed packed with chocolate with a side of ice cream and a vanilla sauce that was served with it was spoonworthy.

My oldest devoured the RISOTTO TERRA layered with wild mushrooms, basil, roasted tomatoes, asparagus, We skipped the pine nuts, but he did love the fresh mozzarella cheese.

And my husband enjoyed their octopus starter. He has traveled the world and says this rivaled the octopus he has in Australia since Kansas is so much closer and affordable I encourage you to try the CHARRED SPANISH ROCK OCTOPUS at Ya-Ya’s served over crispy potato and lentils, baba ganoush, harissa sauce.

The greek salad became epic with the inclusion of grilled shrimp and fried calamari. The mixed greens, kalamata olives, cucumber, red onion, tomato, feta, citrus vinaigrette really set off the meat.

The food, experience, and price made Ya-Ya’s a must stop if you are in Wichita, Kansas. Just be prepared to leave stuffed like when your jeans just came out of the dryer.

Ziggy’s Pizza

Ziggy’s Pizza is a family-owned and operated neighborhood pizza and sandwich pub. When you arrive you can sit on the patio or sit at a table inside or find space at the bar. You can tell that families are welcome and everyone is a friend.

At Ziggy’s, their homemade pizzas are created with the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and originality to satisfy your appetite. Their dough is made from scratch daily, and with a tasty blend of cheese and toppings. We order the Mexican pizza which was incredible I find myself craving their pizza. It was the perfect combination of crispy bread, a layer of refried beans, and everything you could want on a taco. It was delicious. We also had a pepperoni pizza the sauce was delicious. We enjoyed the sampler platter because of the variety and the dips. This is a super place to kick back and have affordable and delicious food just be sure to bring your stretchy pants because with all the options on the menu you can’t just order one.

Cocoa Dolce

If you need a little treat and of course you do Cocoa Dolce chocolates are incredible. I wasn’t able to taste their handcrafted artisan confections not because I didn’t buy any but because my daughter ate them all. Yes, she did. She told me they were good and she would have them again. She then corrected herself to say she would have had one and shared the rest. I am not sure I believe her after looking at them because I highly doubt I would have shared myself.

Chicken N Pickle

I am not even sure how to describe this place other than to say it is an adult playground that kids can attend. There are tons of family-friendly activities. We played pickleball which we had never done. I got beaten each and every time but still had a blast. You will need to reserve a court. There were other activities that were first come first serve like lawn games, bocce ball, shuffleboard, Jenga, and more.

When you come in you can walk up to the counter and order. The food was reasonably priced. We had pulled pork, chicken wings, street corn, and burgers. Then you place your number on the table and your food is brought to you. You could also sit inside or at the bar. They had plenty of seating options. There were even people working out on the roof which was being used for a class that you worked out and then had an adult beverage. I can see this as the spot to be and a great place to celebrate a special event or to celebrate your family.

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