June 2, 2013

Why Choose to be a Furry Foster Parent

Why you should become a Furry Foster Parent

There are many charities and organizations that we could volunteer with but our family has opted to foster dogs.  We have welcomed 22 foster dogs/puppies into our home since February. We had fostered twice before and “failed” at fostering. We adopted our first foster and he is now a very spoiled little boy along with our 2 girls.

furry foster

Breakdown of our 24 Fosters

8 adopted (1 by us)

7 in New Permanent Fosters seeking adoption

6 still in our “Foster” Care

3 Deceased

Even with all the heartbreak of losing 3 puppies we still to choose foster. With all the joy sometimes a furry foster parent has to endure some tears. For all those that want to know why our family and others like us choose to become furry foster parents, Read the List below and consider opening your heart to a furry friend in need.

Reasons to be a Furry Foster Parent

  1. Make a difference in an animal’s life.
  2. Dogs are perfect security systems.
  3. Doggy snuggles are perfect for lifting your spirits
  4. Help an animal that can’t help himself.
  5. Built in Work out Buddy, they won’t let you off the hook
  6. They make cleaners after a messy kid’s meals
  7. The satisfaction you feel when they go to their forever home.
  8. You can turn down your heat in the winter because they will keep you warm.
  9. Save an animal from a life on the street or no life at all.
  10. They will love you Forever!

I urge everyone to  NOT shop pet stores or backyard breeders instead check the local rescue groups in your area. To find a list of adoptable dogs in your area and local rescues check out Petfinder.

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