December 22, 2012

White Elephant Gift Ideas

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Do you need White Elephant Gift Ideas?

The White Elephant Party is also known as Gift Swap, Yankee Swap, Black Santa, Chinese Gift Exchange, Dirty Santa, Greedy Punter, Thieves’ Christmas or Naughty Santa.

It really doesn’t matter what you call it the purpose is the same to have fun. The game is played in many ways and it usually requires at least 6 players. You can read our how to play the White Elephant Party if you need some tips.

Here are some White Elephant Gift Ideas

provided by my readers on my Madame Deals Facebook group

New 2014 White Elephant Gift Ideas

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Weener Kleener Soap

Bikini or Lingerie Apron or Muscleman Apron 

Emergency Santa Kit

Old Small Kitchen Appliances with outdated plugs — the older the better

Old shoes


Disposable Camera

A pack of Poise or Depends

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Crayons and Coloring Book

Used Perfume, Lotion or Cologne

Bacon themed products

Plumber’s Crack Camouflage T-Shirt


Crazy Cat Lady Action Figurine

Crazy Cat Lady Game

Crazy Off the Wall Books

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” 

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants

Everybody Poops

The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts

Hillary NutCracker

Monkey Butt Powder


 2013 White Elephant Gift Ideas – Items you can buy

Artwork from Goodwill
Chicken purse
Framed photo of strangers
A game missing pieces
Anything Justin Bieber
Poster of a star from the 80’s
Mustache Ice Cube Tray
As seen on TV products
Christmas Story String Leg Lights
Nail Polish
Dental Floss with survival 2013 on it
A fish on a plaque
Gift cards
Scratch lotto tickets
Ugly Christmas sweater
Gift cards with odd values like $2.34 , $.17
Any artwork created on velvet
White elephant with pink polka dots
Movie tickets
Gloves, hat, or scarfs
A board game no one plays
A popcorn maker
All your half used beauty products
An insulated mug that hooks into the car charger and keeps beverages warm forever!
A ninja bread set
A box filled with a mug, hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a warm fleece blanket
Laundry detergent and fabric softener
Chia Pet
Food from your cabinet
Print out an elephant and put it on the underside of a gift card
An extra large bra and panty set
Adult toys
A live lobster
A book in a foreign language
A how to DVD on something odd
Cheese whiz, ritz crackers, and a serving tray
Dog toys
Candles with a foul smell
Old VHS tapes
A DVD no one wants
Mismatched socks
Kitchen kit made from items in the dollar store
Those mop slippers
PJ jeans
Gag Hand Sanitizers
Neck Genie Neck Line Slimmer
THESE are my Favorite White Elephant Gifts Ideas….. because you can make them yourself

DIY White Elephant gift ideas

  1. A Baggie with 4 AA Batteries in it – and a card that says “Toy Not Included!”
  2. Wrap a scarf, carrots, rasions, and a bag of water… act like you are sad that your snowman melted
  3. Wrap a pack of cookies with bites out of them
  4. Santa Alarm complete with cans and strings for the door knob
  5. Pack of chips and a note” Dinner is served!”
  6. Glass candle holders from Dollar Tree with a red solo cup hot glued to it!
  7. A mix cd with the worst songs to play at a wedding…
  8. A computer generated image of people who are not married and what their kids would look like
  9. Snow man Boogers
  10. Candle Melts
  11. Snowman Poop – fill a baggie with mini marshmallows and a plastic spoon and write on the bag Snowman Poop – Scooper included


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