Ways to Save Money for your Family Reunion

Another year and another summer when alot of families get together for a reunion or a wedding or just to shoot the breeze…well if your planning a reunion have i got some tips for you.

ok first you need to know where will the reunion be held?
then who will be attending?
how many kids? how many adults? will there be pets brought? sometimes aunt meg likes to bring her dog noodles but he can be a little snippy, so what do you do?, Alot of families love seeing the furry relatives just as much as the human ones so if its ok with your crowd then why not.. just something to think about, (snausages might do the trick to keep noodles friendly) :).

ok so now you have all your info, now what? well appointing certain people to help gain control of all the chaos helps tramendously, do you want your reunion outside? inside? at grammas house? Being outside or preparing a covered dish may not be feasible or even desirable to some families, there are several other family reunion ideas that will save money.

Start by choosing a location that will save money. If a state park or Grandma’s house are not options for your family, many Church’s have Fellowship Halls that can be rented for a small fee. Other local organizations may also have eating facilities they will rent for a day, put the word out among your family members and make some calls till you find a suitable location that will save money.

If you have family members that can cook really good then appoint them to cater the event, have all family members chip in donations to help cover the food costs and to help with the location deposit if needed. this is all will save qite a few dollars rather then having a local eatery cater the event.

You can also save money by communicating by phone or e-mail, or even use the various media sites such as facebook, twitter etc. saving you postage to invite everyone.

Just remember that its all about FAMILY

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