Water Bottle Craft: Cars

Water Bottle Craft: Cars

Today I am going to show you how to make a Water Bottle Craft: Cars edition! This would be a perfect gift for that special boy in your life! What little boy wouldn’t love checking out the bottle and seeing cool cars stuff!?

Water Bottle Craft Instructions:

  1. Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container
  2. Wash it out and remove the label
  3. Find items that will fit in your bottle based on your theme (In this theme, anything you think a boy would love to play with!)
  4. Place items in the bottle
  5. Close the bottle by screwing on the cap
  6. Then you will need to create a label
  7. Secure the label with duck tape
  8. Head to the post office
  9. Mail your gift

Water Bottle Craft Content:

Cars stickers, Cars coloring pages, crayons, and a Hot wheels car! I grabbed a Lightening McQueen toddler cup at the dollar store to place all the items in.

This would make a great gift to send to a little boy or to present at a birthday party. I also thought that this would be a great gift to give children as goodie bags at a party. We know that we spend a ton on those and the child never uses the items inside. These items inside are fun and the “bag” is functional. You can even write each party goers name on the bottle.This is an excellent idea for a restaurant since a lot of times restaurants fail to have kid safe cups.You can find more waterbottle craft ideas like this Water Bottle Craft: Cars

This is a great, easy little gift for a boy, and cost around $ 4 to make!

What other ideas do you have for a Water Bottle Craft? 

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