Walgreens Guide & Policy

The rewards program at Walgreens is called Register Rewards or RR’s. There is no rewards card to apply for at this point. RR’s are generated on certain sale items each week, just like the CVS ECB’s. However, RR’s are a little more tricky.

What exactly are RR’s? It is like a coupon for money off your next order. The RR’s prints out catalina style (like coupons at the grocery store register). They expire quicker than ECB’s and they are actually a manufacturer’s coupon.

How does it work? Let’s use the Bayer Quick Release Crystals as an example. They are on sale for $2.49, generating $2.49 in RR’s. You can only buy one Bayer item per transaction to generate the RR. You can use a manufacturer’s coupon like the $1/1coupon. In this scenario, the Bayer would be a moneymaker since you would be paying $1.49 but getting back $2.49 in RR’s.

How do you redeem a RR? This is the tricky part. A RR takes money off the total order. However, you can not use a RR for the same item to generate more RR’s. For example, I could NOT use my Bayer RR’s to pay for another box of Bayer. The RR’s will NOT print if you do this. So, RR’s have to be used on different items if you are trying to generate more RR’s. Also, when using RR’s you sometimes will need “filler” items. You have to have an item per coupon. If you have 3 RR coupons you are using and 1 manufacturer’s coupon, you will need 4 items. You cannot use 3 RR on one item. Remember that RR’s are like manufactures coupons.

Here we go, rolling those RR’s. The goal would be to roll the RR’s so you have less money out of pocket. Again this is tricky. You have to have your transactions a bit more planned out. Especially if you plan to buy more than one particular sale item that is generating the RR’ s for the week. If I wanted more Bayer RR’s, I would have to pay for the Bayer with a RR from another item. Also, you can only use one coupon per item. So if you have RR’s and you are using manufactures coupons, you will have to find a “filler” item that you don’t have a coupon for. Example: If you have 3 manufacturer’s coupons and 2 RR’s to spend, you will need 5 items.

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