May 13, 2013

Volvo Customer Service

Volvo Customer Service

I have a baby. It is called baby volvo convertible. I bought my baby convertible over 8 years ago now. I was so excited when I got her. I was less excited when my husband got home and I had to explain the car in the driveway was indeed ours and I didn’t have a friend over. That is another story. I believe that having a convertible is cheaper than a therapist. We all need an outlet and my convertible is mine. It is our third car and honestly I wish I could drive the car more but the kids really do not fit in it. I recently had a horrible thing happen.

Volvo Customer Service

We had an air bag deploy when my husband turned on the car. It could have been worse no one was hurt. I called my insurance company and they said it was not covered. I was really upset because when I began researching the cost of the repair I realized it was 30% of the car’s worth. I called my husband to tell him the news and being the nice guy he is he said, “We will fix it.” I wasn’t sure where to begin so I hit twitter and reached out to Volvo to get some advice on where to go and what to do. I didn’t want a new seat because the car isn’t new and frankly is wasn’t cost effective.

I began a chat on twitter. I was directed to a wonderful claims adjuster. She talked me through the procedure and told me that this isn’t something that happens with Volvos. They would schedule an engineer to look at my car and then they would be able to provide me with a resolution. I was really excited because I wanted to make sure that was the only thing that was wrong with the car. I couldn’t fix the seat and drive the care until I knew everything was okay. I am a mom to three kids and even though I love my volvo convertible I love my family more. It is always safety first which is the whole reason I bought a Volvo. I am happy to say they took care of the repairing the seat. I am looking forward to picking up my 4th baby this week. I am very grateful to Volvo for fixing my car and make sure it is safe to drive.

Thank you!


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