October 14, 2012

Van organization

How to Organize a mini van

I am a mini van mom. I said I would never get one. Then entered baby number three  because life happens and I couldn’t help but get a mini van. I mean they make the most sense. The gas mileage was good and I got a super deal on mine. I bought it through USAA. I suggest you contact your bank to see if they have a car buying service. The local dealer could not meet the price I got. I did drive two hours each way but I saved 5,000 so it was worth it. The best part was my husband was amazed by the deal hunting ability. Yes, he knows I have a deal site. This is how to organize a mini van.

How to organize a mini van

Lets get back to the van. The main problem with a van is there is more room for my children to create a mess. I bought the Honda Odyssey.You can totally read my car shopping trip in my Honda post. I did so because it seats 8. I figure one day each child will want to bring a friend and I will need my husband to help out. That makes 8. I immediately realized our number one problem was coats. We had coats every where. We would get places and people wouldn’t have their coat. We would arrive at our destination and it would be raining. I couldn’t walk through the van because of the coats. When they put on their coats they would have foot prints. I was determine to fix the coat problem in my van for under $10. I bought a tension rod. The ones you use to put up a shower curtain. I thought it would be a wonderful idea and it is easy to put up.

I love my new closet in the back of my van! It makes keep organized easy. I also hung the children’s backpack int he van so that they will make it to school everyday.

What are your under $10 tips for organizing your car?

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how to organize a mini van

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