Valentines Day Love Puppies

Valentines Day Crafts for Kids


Materials Needed:

  • 1 Large Red Paper Heart
  • 1 Large Pink Paper Heart (cut in half)
  • 2 Small White Paper Hearts
  • 1 Small Black Paper Heart
  • 1 Small Pink Paper Heart
  • black marker
  • glue stick

To Assemble:

With the large red heart upside down glue the white paper hearts near the top for eyes. Using the black marker draw circles/dots on each white heart for the pupil of the eye. Glue the black heart below the eyes for a nose. Glue the small pink heart under the bottom of the red heart for the tongue. Glue the pink heart halves to the top (matching the points) to create ears.

I have also used this pattern to go along with Clifford The Big Red Dog theme. For Clifford I used red for the ears as well.

love letter

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