February 5, 2013

Valentines Day Goldfish Puppy Cups

Valentines Day

What you need: Red Paper Cups, Black pompoms, Black permanent maker, glue, black pipe cleaner, googly eyes, Plastic Sandwich bag, Pepperidge Farms Goldfish, hole punch, black construction paper and 6 valentine color beads.


a. Take a red paper cup and punch a hole at the top one on the seam and the other across the other side.

b. Take the black pipe cleaner and fold into the hole you punched. This will make the handle. Also place 3 beads on the handle to cover the edge of the pipe cleaner and making it more secure. Be sure the other three beads are on the other side before placing in the hole and repeat covering the edge of the pipe cleaner.

c. Draw a puppy face on the front of the cup. It makes it easier if you place the googly eyes and pompom nose first.

d. Then cut out 2 dog like ear shape and put them on the front sides of the cups near the handles.

e. Take a handful of goldfish and place inside the plastic sandwich bag and place inside the puppy cup!

f. These are great and easy to make for classroom valentines.

Thanks to Mom’s Saving Money for this Valentines Day crafts!

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