Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas – Dinner Menu for only 15 WW Points+

Weight Watcher’s Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas

Valentines Day Dinner Menu with weight watchers points

I weigh as much right now as I did when I was 42 weeks pregnant with my son who is 9 years old!!!! Yikes! (and yes you read that right, we went two weeks overdue!) While, I would not trade him for anything not even to be a size 8 again, I do think this is a wake up call to do something about my size. I wrote about getting back to balance by making one healthy choice at a time and finding ways to hold myself accountable and stay motivated. So as I contemplate Valentine’s Day coming this weekend I must confess I am the type of person who over indulges just because it is a holiday.  I use holidays as an excuse to eat whatever I want. The problem with cutting yourself some slack (or in my case a lot of slack) to celebrate a holiday is that there is always another holiday coming. Even now as we have not yet celebrated Valentine’s Day the stores are getting ready Easter. So I thought I would share some recipes for a Valentine’s Dinner that will help me stay on track but still feel like I am celebrating and indulging just a bit.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu – 15 Weight Watchers Points+


2 Points+ Low Calorie Crock Pot Tomato Soup Recipe – make this in the crockpot and then you will not only have an appetizer but you can save some for lunches next week

Main Course  

6 Points+ Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon  – serve with a side of steamed broccoli

4 Points +  Butternut Squash Crunch


1 Point each Chocolate covered Strawberries


I plan on eating at least 3 chocolate covered strawberries which would bring the points total up to 15. Not a bad dinner I think. How do you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle while celebrating holidays or special occasions? Please share your ideas, because they next holiday is right around the corner and I am going to need some help.

Need more help?

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