Valentine Recipes for Kids: Chocolate Raspberry Snack

Valentine Recipes for Kids

Chocolate Raspberry Snack

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We have an issue. The school my children attend is nut free. That means I need to make things that are nut free. The ingredients can be made on shared equipment or contain any form of nuts. I had to come up with recipes my kids could make.

choco raspberry

Valentine Recipes for Kids: Chocolate Raspberry Snack

raspberry ingredients 2


Food Lion candy melts in white chocolate

Raspberry jelly

Fresh Raspberries

Ritz Crackers



Spread preserve on one side of the cracker. Cover it with another cracker to make a sandwich.

spread the raspberry then make cookies

Make several cracker sandwiches.

white chocolate melt

Melt the white chocolate.

dip cracker

dip cracker2

Dip the cracker sandwich into the melted chocolate.

final raspberry

Serve with fresh raspberries! That’s It Enjoy!


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