Valentine Recipes For Kids

Valentine Recipes For Kids

I have three children and I thought about how I could create Valentine Recipes For Kids. I am a teacher by trade and a mom by choice and a cook because you have to feed your children. I found out very early on that taking them out to eat was not as much fun as one would think and it isn’t frugal. I decided I would do my best to involve my children in the kitchen as often as possible. It is with their imagination,   love, and sense of adventure that week seek to remake the original versions of our favorite treats for less money than you think. I believe the value is the experience and not on how much you spent to create one.

Valentine Recipes For Kids

These recipes need to be simple. They need to have a limited amount of preparation time, shopping time, and allow for flexibility. I rarely have anything I plan actually happen the way I plan it to do so. The recipes have to be forgiving in case your children aren’t able to read the measuring cup or inadvertently pour something when you are picking up the last thing they spilled. This experience needs to be about making the memory as much as it is about the final product. I will say the only item that looks like the picture is my example. I allow my children to build their treat however they see fit. our Valentine Recipes For Kids are amazing to make and taste.

This easy to make Cheap Fondue will please everyone. It is yummy!

You can also try our Strawberry Short Cake

Or how about chocolate dipped pretzels! I mean the salt and the sweet is amazing.

If that wasn’t enough try this quick and easy Valentine’s day drink Pink Milk.

You will need something to dip in your milk and may I suggest Valentine Day Cookies.

If you want to have a special day with your children check out our Tips for  5 Tips for Valentine ideas for Children.




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