September 12, 2013

Upcycled Painted Planter

Turning your Refuse into an Upcycled Painted Planter

painted planter


Are you looking for a cute way to display a plant? Don’t go out and buy a flower pot or dish. Take a look in your “garbage” or “recycling” pile and you are bound to find something you can upcycle and repurpose. For this simple DIY project we rescued an old mason jar and in a few simple steps we created a great painted planter. 

Painted Planter Supplies 

1 Large Mason Jar

1 Can of Spray Paint (your color choice)

1 -2 cups Marbles or Gravel


Ivy Plant (fake or live depends on how much upkeep you want)

craft planter 12

Directions to Make a Painted Planter

Clean the mason jar and dry it completely.

Spray the outside of the mason jar. Make sure to spray over the rim edge and on the bottom.(You may need to spray it in 2 sessions)

Once the mason jar is dry, layer the gravel or marbles on the bottom of the jar.

Top with dirt

If using a fake ivy plant – insert into dirt.

If using a live ivy plant –dig whole with your fingers and insert roots of plant. Cover with extra dirt and water.

Make sure to remember to water daily or as needed if using a live ivy plant.


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