March 18, 2014

Tuesday Tips The IT bag

Helpful Hints.. What should you pack in your bag

Here is what is in my “IT” bag. I call it that because if “IT” happens. Then “IT” is okay because I have “IT” to fix “IT”. Just to note, before kids I thought my “IT” bag was this cute little Louis Vuitton number I used.

Here is what makes up my “IT” bag:

Baby wipes- can be used to clean up anything!!!

Diaper- still have one that needs it but also useful when the waiter gives my child a glass instead of a cup with a top

Ziploc bag- can be used to hold IT or bring IT home (also can be made into a hat to avoid the rain)

Tide stain stick- two kids. Enough said

a Tiny bottle of water

Lip gloss- can be used to get zippers to go  it can also be used to undo knots, and help slide out splinters,  and glossy lips are sexy (can also be used by my son without his father flipping out)

Umbrella- can be a weapon if necessary, it is also great to open it up and let your child use it. That way you can spot them in a crowd if they wander; shade anywhere.

Hand sanitizer

$20 cash and $1.00 in quarters

Cell phone

Fruit strips- always have food

Individualized drink packets- makes water into a treat

Tylenol for the kids and for mommy

Safety pin

Floss- you can tie a lot of things with floss

Breath mints

Change of clothes



Benadryl strips that dissolve in your mouth- in case of a bee or food aversion

Three toys

Nail file

Bobby pin- those things make super paper clips and I can still pick a lock

The number one item not to leave home without is

Tweezers just in case they decide to put “IT” somewhere that “IT” doesn’t belong

Just call me Jane… Jane Bond!


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