October 2, 2012

Tuesday Tips: Riders Beware

Early last week, I noticed there was this mall carnival all set up and ready to go. My husband happened to be with me at the time, and I all but begged him to take Reagan on it. She loves things like that, has only been to one carnival in her short almost 3 years, and honestly I thought that would be a super fun thing for just Daddy, Reagan and I.

Know what he said?? ‘NO! Those carnival things can kill someone!’ L Well, as fun as he really can be, it is just like the fair in my opinion. Nothing more was said of it and on we went with the rest of the week…until he left for work.

So now with my husband being out of town my BFF and I decided to have a girls night out WITH the kids. I am sure you can just guess what we did. J Yep that’s right!! We went to the mall for dinner and followed that with the carnival! We probably did that one backwards though. I was so excited to get to take the girls there, and even more that the bestie was with me. We started the night with the Ferris Wheel, followed by some smaller kids rides that Hailee could take Reagan on without us.

We kept enjoying our night letting the girls pick out rides they thought were super awesome to ride, and then Reagan saw the Tilt-A-Whirl. Ashley and I looked at each other and figured ‘We loved this thing when we were 16, it’ll be a blast!! Let’s make these kids happy and do it!’ So as we waited, the girls’ anticipation grew. They were SOOO excited by the time it was our turn, we walked all around the ride to find our empty ‘seat’ and I insisted the kids sit in the middle just in case.

It was great when it first started, it was nice and slow…a turn here…a turn there…nothing crazy…THEN it really started to go. Let me tell you, I have no idea what we even looked like on this thing. Hailee was screaming every time it was ‘whirling’ (which was pretty consistent now) and Reagan was smiling and holding on for dear life. Ashley was pretty much going with it, and my eyes were closed so tight and I could not stop laughing the entire time! We were so excited when it stopped, Ashley and I about jumped up before it stopped ready to get off and far, far away from it…but guess what?! The guy started it again and we rode for an entire ride again. By the end of this let me tell you I could not get away fast enough!! I will gladly do most things for my kids, and typically what I won’t my husband will, but I am not 16 anymore!! This was not near as fun as I remembered!! It was to start, but the 2nd time around really did it for us.

So after this, it took a solid 30 minutes for our stomachs to calm down. Thankfully we did not have to ride any other rides the rest of the night…they were all kids only! What exactly did I learn from this night?? I learned that no one should eat within 2 hours before OR after riding the Tilt-A-Whirl (that applies to both big and little tummy’s), What was super cool and fun when I was 16 does not always have the same effect now (unfortunately I am not 16 anymore), and no matter what, we do crazy things for our kids. All I have to say for anyone who ever goes to a carnival or fair….Rider’s Beware!

Thanks to The Fashionable Housewife for this post! Check out more Tuesday tips.

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