September 20, 2016

10 Reasons The Tooth Fairy Forgot To Come Last Night

10 Reasons The Tooth Fairy Forgot To Come Last Night

tooth fairy forgot to come

Alright supermoms, it happens to all of us at some point. We drop the ball. Whether it be a lunch we forgot to pack, a practice we forgot to attend, or a tooth fairy that did not appear. With everyone’s busy life sometimes you just forget. And that’s ok! Loosing a tooth is usually a big deal for kids. They feel like they are getting bigger, and that they have really accomplished something by getting that wiggly tooth out (you know, the one that have been messing with for at least 2 weeks by now? Yeah!  We are excited it’s finally out now too aren’t we?). And of course, we know the main reason they are excited is because they get a visit from the tooth fairy! They stick their now lost tooth in a bag, under their pillow and wake up the next morning and what do they find? Their tooth still there because oops, you forgot to put on your wings last night. 

But now that you have forgotten to leave treasures from the tooth fairy, now what?

Well, first I would recommend soothing your (probably) upset child, and assuring them that you are sure the tooth fairy has a good reason for not showing up last night (which may or may not include being tired, having no cash on them, or forgetting to set an early alarm to sneak in their room before they woke up….). Next, it’s time to think of an excuse. Which is why you are here right? I got you covered!

Here are 10 reasons the Tooth Fairy forgot to come last night:

  1. The Tooth Fairy’s wing was hit by a raindrop while she was flying, and she had to go home and let it dry
  2. Her bag was SO full of teeth that she had to take them home before collecting any more
  3. Your child’s room was too dirty to get through so she had to wait until they cleaned it. (This is one of my personal favorites, you will see a kid clean a room at lightning speed)
  4. The weather was not great flying weather. (This really only works if it’s been raining, snowing, really windy, or really hot)
  5. There was a big fairy meeting that ran over so she is running behind.
  6. On her way she saw an animal that needed help so she had to stop and help them. (We all know fairy’s and animals have a special bond)
  7. She was called to help one of Santa’s elves who had come down with a terrible tooth ache!
  8. She ran out of pixie dust and couldn’t fly
  9. She was on vacation. (Hey, even tooth faeries need a day at the beach right?)
  10. She got confused and went to the wrong room last night! In fact, you are pretty sure you saw her in your room! Have the kids make a sign pointing her to the right room this time.

Ta-da! Make a pretty little note to your mini-humans to explain why the tooth fairy forgot to visit along with the missed payment and all is forgiven. And you are Super Mom once more!

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