Tips To Make Your Own Birthday Invitation

Make Your Own Birthday Invitation


With social media, email, and technology so popular many people are opting to send birthday invitations thru these means instead of the traditional paper invitations thru the mail. Many times the way people Make Your Own Birthday Invitation is a hurried email or a message sent thru social media. This leaves those ,without email or social media accounts, without an invitation. To save money and make the day special you can Make Your Own Birthday Invitation to send to those you missed. 

Follow These Tips To Make Your Own Birthday Invitation

Make your own birthday invitation

1. Using a Word or iWorks Program open a blank document.

2. Create a border that fits the theme of your party. If your party does not have a theme then select something colorful and fun.

Examples: Flowers, Crowns, and Bows are perfect for a girly party. Trucks, Dinosaurs, and Cars are perfect for a boy bash.

3. Use a Bold Font and Bright Colors to create the top headline. Make it stand out to get people’s attention.

Make Your Own Invitation Step 1

4. Make Sure to include the details of the party under the headline.

a. Who the party is for.

b. Where the party is at.

c. When the party is. Make sure to include date and time.

5. Include any additional information your guest will need to know about the party.

a. Will food be provided.

b. What guests need to bring, if anything.

6. Include RSVP Information

a. What phone number to call.

b. The date to RSVP by.

7. Use different colors and sizes of font to make information stand out from each other.

8. Double Check each of your steps while you Make Your Own Birthday Invitation to make sure all the information is provided and correct.

make your own birthday invitation 2

Print out your Birthday Invitations and mail them. If you want to include your invitation in emails, send via social media, or share thru other online forums save your document in PDF and/or JPEG format and attach them.

Do you Make Your Own Birthday Invitation? Share your tips and tricks that make it easier below.

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