September 6, 2010

Tips For Spending Less & Saving More

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Recently my husband and I have been working on ways to spend less. We are going to need a new vehicle soon but we need to pay some other bills off first. Below you will find a few simple ways to spend less and save more!

4 Tactics To Help You Spend Less

by Mrs. Not Made of Money

We all want to spend less, but it is tough to do so without a good strategy. Just like anything else, with some good strategy it becomes easier to make good decisions when it comes to spending money. Following these four tactics can help just about anyone save money on a monthly basis.

Make a Budget
There is absolutely nothing more important when it comes to money management strategy than making a budget. However, many people still do not have one because they do not know where to start or because they feel like it will limit them when they want to spend money. If the idea of a budget is no good to you, think of it as a spending plan. You still get to spend the money on the things you want; you are just going to track it more closely. Later on, you can find ways to cut your spending when you are ready.

It has never been easier to set up a budget. There are plenty of templates and types of software out there to help you get going and keep it up. Just do a search online for budget templates or software, find one you like, and get started. (One free money management service I like is Mint.)

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions
Maybe you still have that magazine coming every month, and it goes in the trash. Or maybe you have the extended cable (or satellite) package even though you only watch 5-6 channels 90% of the time. Whatever subscriptions or monthly charges you have, take a close look to see what you actually use. Those few dollars per month down the drain can really add up over a year.

Pause Before You Buy
We all make impulse buys. We see that gadget or hear about that sale, and we think we just have to buy that item. However, if you take some time before purchasing something, you might find that you do not really need it as badly as you thought. If you see something that you want badly but do not need it, do not buy it right then. Leave the store and come back later if you still really want it. This way you can think about it more clearly and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Always Buy Used First
The internet has made it easier than ever to find used items. Before you go buy something new, make sure you go online and do some searching for a used version. Obviously, this does not work for everything, but for many items, buying used will get you a high quality item for half the price. However, when buying used, make sure you do your due diligence, and be wary of scams!

If you will follow these four simple tactics, you will find that you can really take control of much of your spending and keep more money in your pocket each month.

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