Tips For Handling Body Odor During Puberty In Boys

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum. This is a guest post written by my husband for RealAdviceGal but all opinions expressed here are his own.

As a parent, you don’t want to think about dealing with puberty in boys.  There are dozens of scary to parents moments to consider, but they aren’t all as tough to handle as you anticipate.  One thing that is easy to manage with most boys and teens is to manage body odor during this time.

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Tips For Handling Body Odor During Puberty In Boys

At some point in time, all males experienced it: that rite of passage from childhood to manhood. I vividly recall being a boy, waking five minutes before I was supposed to leave for school. With bad breath and bed head, smelling something like what I’d imagine an opossum to be like and throwing on the same pair of sweat pants I’d worn all week, I’d head off for another day of endless monotony. I mean, who really cared what people, much less girls, thought? After all, didn’t they have Cooties anyway?

Thankfully for my classmates, testosterone triumphed over those childish ways, much to the dismay of my mother (and mothers everywhere). I’d donned new clothes; put enough gel in my curtained hair that it was stiffer than famed Cowboy’s Coach Jimmy Johnson’s. To boot, I’d put on enough cheap cologne from Dad’s medicine cabinet that you could smell me from a country mile. The change brought about a million sighs from mom and high fives from my suddenly proud Papa, other than the annoyance of his having to buy extraordinary amounts of cheap cologne.

Hopefully gelled hair and sweat pants aren’t as prevalent today, but the metamorphosis of young men is still inevitable. Fortunately, we can share some good ideas for how to tame that body odor that exists during puberty in boys.

Encourage regular bathing.  Teen boys often want to skip this vital part of their day, but to combat the unusual odors their body is now making it is important.  Sometimes this means putting your foot down as a parent and making it a must each day whether they want to or not.  Give them the time by making sure they get enough rest at night so an earlier alarm in the morning is easy to manage.  Puberty in boys is hard to navigate, but in some things you have to put your foot down as a parent.

Make laundry duty mandatory not an option.  For some guys, once they start having to deal with their own laundry and the smells they include it is easier to realize how important cleanliness is in life.  Make them take over their own laundry if they aren’t already.  They will learn a valuable tool for life, and just might have a bit more compassion for mom and dad and the chores they have been doing.

Use the right products. Kroger carries Axe and Degree Dry Spray products that are anti-mark protection antiperspirants that provide 48-hour odor and wetness protection. This means the protection they offer will last all day and they don’t have to overspray or reapply throughout the day.  We’ve all been around the guy who went a bit overboard on their body spray, so this makes it a great option and your son can leave the house smelling fresh and clean every day.

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As a mom or dad of sons, you will eventually face puberty in boys.  These tips will help you to manage frustrations like body odor with ease!