Think you have the best water slide for kids? Think again!

Disclosure: My family was thrilled to review the H2OGO! Triple Slider water slide. This post was sponsored by H2OGO! as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network H2OGO Blog Tour campaign. #backyardsummerfun I am sharing below how our family splashes into summer with the best water slide for kids. 

Once all the snow melts away and the warmer days of Spring arrive, my boys start chomping at the bit to play with water outside. It can be barely 60º outside and they start claiming to be hot and need to cool off with water. Then the barrage of questions begins. Can we get out the water guns? Can we get out the water balloons? Can we get out the sprinkler? Can we get out the water slide? I usually torture them and make them wait until it gets really hot outside. But this year, I surprised my guys with the best water slide for kids. I was the one who could not wait to break out the water toys this year!

The H2OGO! is the best water slide for kids. Nothing is better on a hot day than a cold fast ride on the water slide.

H2OGo! The Best Water Slide For Kids

Before I tell you how easy it was to set up the H2OGO! Triple Water Slide, first let me tell you that of all the kids water play equipment that we have my two least favorite to set up are water balloons and the water slide. Water balloons are so not worth all the blisters and hassle since the fun only last about 2 minutes tops.

H2OGO! triple slider is the best water slide for kids

The water slide is usually tough to set up. You have to get the angle just right so that the water flows all the way through. You have to tweak it over and over again to get it right. You know how it goes and the whole time the kids are anxiously awaiting to get wet and enjoy the slide. Now that I told you what I usually have to deal with, let me shout from the mountain tops just how easy it was to set up our new H2OGO! water slide, the very best water slide for kids.

Straight out of the box and you are ready to slide in no time

H2OGO! Water slides have an inflatable launch pad and they are the first water slide brand to have one. It was easy to blow up using an air pump and since it was easy to do I had my son do it. Involving him in the set up meant less fussing about when it was going to be ready. Score one for mom! Thanks H2OGO!

Use an air pump to pump up the inflatable launch pad

Next, find a flat spot and lay out the slide. Our front yard is perfect for water slides, it is flat and all the kids inthe neighborhood head to our house to play when they see the water slide set up.

Find a flat spot in the yard and lay out the slide. Our front yard is perfect.

Now it is time to hook up the water. Yeah! You need to put the hose connector piece onto the water valve on the water slide. It just pops into place and then you screw on the hose to the connector. Turn on the faucet and let the splashing begin.

Put the hose connector onto the valve on the water slide.

Attach the hose to the water slide

The water will fill up the channels on the sides and also the …wait for it…the wet drench pool at the end of the slide. My boys were impressed with the size of the drench pool and the amount of water it held. My little guy really enjoyed splashing in it after his slides.

The drench pool at the end of the water slide is big and fills up with enough water for splashing.

With 18 ft of wet water sliding fun and a slide that is wide enough for kids to race each other on the slide a the same time, this H2OGO! Triple Slider really is the best water slide for kids. You can see by the looks on my kids faces that they are having a blast. They love how much water sprays out of the slide, they love the inflatable launch pad, and they LOVE getting wet! I love that I can set it up in just a few minutes and don’t have to listen to hot whiny kids nagging me to play with water toys! You are going to love that we are hosting a giveaway. Please scroll down to enter the giveaway. Good Luck!

The H2OGO! triple slider is big enough for the kids to race each other which you can see by the look on their faces that they were having a blast.

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