February 14, 2013

Things I Love

Things I Love

Things I Love

I thought I would take today and write a list of things I love. You see we often run around and do not sit down to reflect on everything we have been given. We hope and dream for more when most likely everything we need is right in front of us. I hope that you will share what you love in the comment section and that you will take your list or mine when you are feeling down and remind yourself that it will pass and there is more to be grateful for than not. This list is not in any order I just took five minutes to be thankful.

Things I Love

1) My Family

2) My Friends

3) Quiet

4) Babies

5) Teaching children

6) Reading a Great book

7) Sitting by the fire on a cold day

8) Holding Hands

9) Country Music

10) Bubble Baths

11) Chocolate

12) Yoga

13) Traveling

14) The beach

15) Writing

16) Helping others see the good in themselves

17) Taking Pictures

18) Eating a great meal

19) Shopping

20) Paying it Forward

21) Laughing

22) Smile

23) Puppies

24) Walking in the City

25) The color Yellow

26) Taking Chances

27) Cookies

28) The smell of Baked Goods

29) Dancing

30) Singing even though I am horrible

31) lip gloss

32) Memories

33) Surprises

34) decorating

35) cupcakes

36) Silly Questions from my kids

37) First words

38) A clean house

39) Date Nights

40) Animals

41) Sprinkles

42) Helping others that I have never met

43) Coaching sports

44) Orchids

45) Cheese and Fruit

46) Indoor picnics

47) Jewelry

48) Shoes any color and any kind

49) Making lists

50) Being Grateful


Subject: Things I Love

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