May 1, 2012

The Summer Shape up

I am a fitness queen in my mind. I am working on getting in shape for the summer. I figure I have about 3 more weeks until the bathing suit comes out of the drawer.  I admit I am thin but I am not in shape. There is a huge difference. When I wave the flab under my arm continues to wave. I have tried several at home exercise programs and I find that they are a great way to start my summer swimsuit plan. I need the flexibility to work out at home because of my children and my job. I also like to work out with my children. They just make it more fun. I enjoy watching them as they try their best to do what I am doing.

I also find that having someone who is a good motivator helps makes me work harder. I am the type that needs to see results quickly. I need a variety in my work out routine. I find that if I get use to the routine and I am not sore the next day I am not motivated to exercise. That is why I like have several DVDS to work on different body parts every other day. It is a great way to control costs since DVD are a lot less than a Gym membership. The DVDs that I have are also portable and I take them with me when we travel. I use my laptop to make sure that I stay true to my plan to get in shape by summer. I know working out is important to my overall health and being skinny isn’t “in” being healthy and exercising daily is the right goal to maintain a healthy life style. Yes, I will love better on the outside but it is what’s inside that counts and when I exercise daily I just feel better.



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