June 10, 2012

The Modern Mom

I am the modern mom. If you notice the baked goods above. I didn’t have time to actually “make them” but presentation and taste is everything. Yes, cost is also involved and time is money so we picked these up at Sam’s club. I couldn’t make them for what I spent. I am also the modern mom because my house is a mess until 5:00 pm daily.  Then we play the clean up as fast as you can game. I hate to cook and do laundry but I do it daily. I got so tired of my children making messes that I bought a tool everyone should own, a shop vac.  I am not into playgroups because they always occur during nap time. Nap time is the best time of the day because I can get my work done in actual time instead of 5 times longer than it should take.

I would also rather my child play during  child care at the gym while I am taking a much needed yoga class. I work 17 hour days and have been known to run into the bathroom and lock the door to take a bath while the children we were watching “something” on the Disney channel. I can’t stand when people say it must be so easy to be a stay at home mom because it is the most difficult job I have ever had. In fact being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have because it is for a lifetime. I will never sleep without worrying about my kids or what ifing  my choices.

I am not in the running for the “mom most likely to replicate the awesome ideas I see in magazines.” I do however take one day during the work week and do something the kids want without adding in all the errands that it takes to run a house with five people. I love my kids and I hope they realize life is about finding a balance and if mommy goes missing when the third dirty diaper of the day appears it is totally cool to let daddy know first! Ladies, we all do it “our own way” and our way is just fine. I used to worry that I wasn’t the perfect mom then I realized I am perfect to them and that makes my heart happy!

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