September 11, 2012

The Art of Homemaking

After years of being a homemaker I have made numerous decisions, as well as acquired a variety of opinions about them. It can be chaotic, stressful, and there are days where you just want to toss in the towel because you think you cant handle it and a daily 9-5 would be better. Life isn’t perfect, there are bumps in the road, and once we realize that everyone around us has their imperfect moments, we will all be a bit happier…Cause guess what MOMS?! None of us are perfect no matter how hard we try.

I believe that being a homemaker is a true ART… So here it is…The Art of Homemaking.

Think back to why you originally wanted to be a homemaker in the first place. Whether it is to spend more time with your children, or your husband is what some call ‘old school’ and wants you to take care of the house while he works and supports you…whatever your reason was, embrace it. You need to be happy with your reasons to be at home in order to embrace the art. Haven’t you heard the saying, “You’ll never truly enjoy your job unless you love what you do!”

I know it is not easy. If you think that being home 24/7 means the house will clean itself, and the kids will always be angels, I hate to tell you but you are so far from the truth. It takes work, and you need to make a schedule so you can keep up with everything…this will help you stay on track but also help you with time management so you are not cleaning 8 hours a day.

Accept spontaneity and allow for wiggle room! As a mother of 2, I actually LOVE spontaneity. We never have two days that go 100% as planned; we may have a surprise visit from a friend or an unexpected doctor visit. When my husband is home that just calls for a whole other list of reasons why I need to allow for wiggle room. When you are what I like to call ‘schedule stuck’ it is hard to deal with the small things like an unexpected visitor. Those look at the unexpected like a catastrophe, where I see it is just a small bump in the road. I like to plan ahead just in case something does throw me off track. I break up my cleaning schedule into sections, so I don’t have to clean all at once… this way if something does happen, I can just move my cleaning time to another spot for a longer period of time. There are several small tips and tricks that can help us moms out in making our lives easier, embrace these tips and tricks, and take advice from fellow moms, none of us are perfect in every way, but some of us have managed to find ways to make life easier!

Basically what I am saying is being a homemaker is not an easy profession, but it is one that you have chosen so instead of dwelling on how hard it is, embrace it! Don’t look at all the negatives you go through, concentrate on the positives… Spending time with your children, a happy husband, and a clean house.

Happy Homemaking!!!

Thanks to The Fashionable Housewife for this post! Check out more Homemaking tips.

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