March 19, 2015

Teaching My Daughter About Money With Kids Wealth #kidslearnmoney

Teaching My Daughter About Money With Kids Wealth #kidslearnmoney

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Kids Wealth, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂



As a parent teaching our kids the ways of the world is one of our most important jobs. And learning finical responsibility is a big part of the world. You know the saying, “Money make’s the world go round”? It’s so true. You might not think that talking to your kids about money at a young age is important but I promise it is! The younger you start the more it sinks in.

So with that in mind I wanted to share with you a product that I found to help you start a conversation with your kids about money. It’s called Kids Wealth. Kids Wealth is a whole system for kids age 4-12 that teaches them the value of money, how to save it, and what to do with it. It’s broken up into 3 age categories 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 with age specific activities that will help them learn the best way to use their money.

Here is what was included in our 4-6 age Kids Wealth Kit:


  • A calender
  • A Kids Guide
  • A Parents Guide
  • A Game Tracker
  • Stickers
  • Kids Agreement
  • Kid Tracker
  • Parents guide

When I first opened the Kids Wealth kit I was impressed with how fun and interesting the kit looked. My daughter was very excited to check out all the different things we could do with it. Before I let my daughter check out the kit I made sure to read through the parents guide so I could see how to use the program. It was super easy!


The Kit teaches kids how to balance their funds and what to do with it. You first agree to a set amount of money your child receives each month, and then you sit down together and come up with a plan on how to spend it (and save it!) Your kids will have 5 different “wallets” in which they put their money in each month. Their Wealth Wallet is used to save money for the future, the Plan Wallet is used to save money for big purchases they want (like a bike), the Learn Wallet is for educational needs, the Fun Wallet is for purchases that are for fun (toys, candy, trips etc), and the Angel Wallet which is used for charity. I LOVED how simple the system is to use and for my 6 year old to understand and grasp. She had fun thinking of what big item she wanted to save up for, and what charity she wanted to give her angel money to.


Once we decided on a monthly amount and what day of the month she could get it on (which you can use the included calendar to keep track of it) we both signed the Kids Wealth agreement with the monthly amounts that would go in each wallet. We have this hung up on the fridge so we know what we agreed on and what my daughter is working toward.


Another fun element in the Kids Wealth kit is the game tracker that teaches kids all sorts of money related information by having them play fun games like the one pictured above. My daughters favorite part was the counting money game where she had to use her math skills to count the coins.

My final thoughts on Kids Wealth:

I think this is an awesome program for kids of all ages and parents that really want their kids to learn the value of money while having some fun in the process. It’s easy to understand, fun to do, and at only $19.99, it’s cost effective! We have already used this kit to plan out my daughters finical goals for the year which includes a charity of her choosing, and she is saving up for spending money for our family vacation this summer. In short…It works ya’ll!

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