April 15, 2013

Taxes Stink

Taxes Stink

I am sure we are all sitting wondering why we have to pay taxes. It isn’t that I really hate taxes. I just hate that my money isn’t being managed properly and that is why taxes stink. I hate that we had enough taxes taken out to buy a brand new car yet we can’t replace our car from 1998. I wouldn’t have such an issue if we weren’t in such a huge amount of debt. These are the top five reason why taxes suck!

I paid taxes on a car when I bought it in Virginia I pay tax each year to own that car. Isn’t that double taxing? I wish I could write off that car since it takes me to work where I make money to pay taxes. I just hate paying taxes on things I already paid taxes on.

I hate taxes because they are used to house and make sure prisoners receive better care than my children in the public school. I would like my money to go to educating our children and not to the cable bills, movie nights, “free schooling”, and fancy gyms found in prisons. I am from the old school way of thinking your life inside jail should not be pleasant. You deserve a place to sleep and three meals of food and bathroom rights with a shower a day. The basics is what they deserve this isn’t a hotel.

I deplore taxes when I see that our officials are using our money to buy things that aren’t actually doing their job. I mean honestly they put together so much paper that we have killed millions of trees and no one understands what they pass. I am sure if we gave them a True or False exam on their recent body of work I am sure 90% would fail.

The last reasons I hate taxes is that I have to pay someone to do mine. I have to pay to fill out forms to try to get my money back from the government. The laws have become so complicated that it is almost impossible to do your own taxes much less the taxes for your business.

I am frankly tired of working hard and not having the real ability to control how my money is spent.

The only thing to love about TAXES is the Freebies that we have listed today!

Why do you hate taxes?

Topic: Taxes Stink

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