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Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Weight Loss Exercise Plan: Deliberation, Purpose and a Few Muscles….

A while back I mentioned to a friend that my muscles hurt from a recent training session with my trainer, Alfred, she remarked “no pain no gain”. I used to think that was a true statement and have always thought that in order for me to reap the benefits from a workout then I must be nearly crippled with stiffness and achy muscles afterward. What I am discovering is that pain doesn’t necessarily mean that the workout was beneficial; what’s beneficial is that the exercises you do are done appropriately. My workouts with Alfred this week have been low impact meaning that each exercise focused on specific areas of my body and are done with deliberation and purpose. Low impact does not mean that the exercises were in-effective; by focusing on specific areas of my body I am able to concentrate on developing those muscles in a more distinct way. Incorporating both high and low impact exercises in my workouts is not only beneficial for my physical development but it keeps me from getting stuck in a predictable routine.

Several days ago I found a “lump” on my upper right arm. Naturally I was a bit alarmed until I realized that there was an identical “lump” on my upper left arm. Standing there in my bathroom staring at myself in the mirror I realized that the “lumps” were nothing more than muscles I had developed over the past few months. Filled with excitement I shared my discovery with my husband and children; yay me! As I think about the importance of health and well-being I am reminded by the fact that this journey, this incredible life changing journey is nothing more than a series of purposeful, deliberate actions that are creating a healthy me; The making of Karla 2.0. Making the decision to get healthy was the first step and each day since has required a series of deliberate moments. It is because of those deliberate actions muscles develop, habits are broken, weight is lost and self-confidence appears.

No matter where we are in our life journey we must remember to face each day with purpose and deliberation. Life is a great adventure and by making the choice to live that adventure in a healthy, fit body you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Be aware. Be deliberate. Be purposeful. Be well.


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January 1, 2014

Save Money on Exercise Equipment: Cheap Bosu Ball

Save Money on Exercise Equipment

Cheap Bosu Ball

cheap bosu ball

Save Money on Exercise Equipment Tip: Get a Cheap Bosu Ball

If you want to Save Money on Exercise Equipment, then the recommendation I received was to buy equipment that you can do a lot of exercises with (full body type workouts), and that are relatively inexpensive. I think the BOSU is probably my favorite piece of equipment, you can literally do over 100 different exercises with it, and it only cost about $100. Stability balls, medicine balls, jump ropes, xdriffts, trx, etc, you can buy all of these combined for probably $500, so instead of spending thousands on big time heavy weight stuff why not get a cheap BOSU ball. With the money you save, you can also buy a couple of dumb bells and you are good to go.Continue reading

August 19, 2013

Jillian Michaels Workout DVD Set Only $24.99 Shipped!

jillian michaels

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or doesn’t want to spend money on gym membership then here’s a great deal for you. Right now, for only $24.99 you can get Jillian Michaels Workout DVD Set ($44.94 List Price). This 3 workout dvd bundle set features fun, varied workouts designed to strengthen, tone, and slim the abs, lower body, or whole body; exercises for all fitness levels. Free Shipping.

Bundle Contents:Continue reading