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October 11, 2015

5 Ways to Make Money From Home

Get Paid Quick – 5 Ways to Make Money From Home


 Get Paid Quick

Do you want to stay home? I work from home and I have for the last ten years. I have figured out a way to add to our household income without leaving my home. I sometimes think I have lost my sanity because working at home is often a lot on top of being a parent. I happen to have a very frugal husband and I have a Kate Spade problem. I have however figured out a way to find Kate Spade Cheap and I also figured out a way to make enough to buy them and the essentials we needed. I figured you would like to know how to get paid quick  from home.

Get Paid Quick

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February 6, 2012

Karla’s Korner – Stop and Do Nothing Once In A While

I am proud to introduce a new column to Madame Deals! I think we all need a touch point a place we can go to be inspired. Karla is my children’s teacher, a good friend, and a person with a heart of gold. I hope that her words will inspire you to do more. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. It is important to listen with your heart and proceed with your eyes open. Enjoy!

Stop and Do Nothing Once In A While…

A few months ago I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about myself for a secret sister program at work. Each teacher is given a form full of questions about themselves so that the person who draws their name will know a little bit about them. Throughout the school year we are asked to drop notes of encouragement, cards, small trinkets, etc. in our secret sister’s mailbox or in the classroom to let them know they are thought of and appreciated. Then in May at the end of the school year luncheon we find out who our secret sister is. One of the questions on the form was “what style is your house decorated in?” I cannot truly answer that because I am not so sure there is a set style to my house. After much thought I came up with an answer: modern country. Really what I should have written was “my style”.

When I was first married I would read every magazine devoted to women such as Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, you name it I read it. I found myself drawn to the sections devoted to home decorating and entertaining. I would sit for hours wishing, hoping and planning for the day when I would be able to have a home just like the one in the magazine. Here I am 22 years later and I still don’t have that quaint little cottage with a white picket fence and amazing backyard full of white wicker furniture and built-in barbecue grill. What I do have is a home full of things that reflect my life and what is important to me. As I type this, I am sitting at my grandmother’s dining table staring at her picture in a small frame in her china hutch with her china. The table and hutch are not grand by any means; some would say that it’s not nice enough or formal enough for a formal dining room. For me, it is not the size or cost that makes it grand, it’s the fact that my grandmother bought it when I was nine years old and she left it for me when she passed away. Having it in my home keeps her memory close to me and reminds me of her and the love she had for me. There are pictures scattered throughout my home in various frames, full of faces from my past and present. An old picture of my grandfather when he was a young boy holding his shotgun with his hound dog at his side is a cherished piece of the history that is my life. My parents, great grandparents, husband, children, and other relatives’ photos sit throughout my home to remind me of the many threads in my life tapestry that make my home and family what it is today.Continue reading