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December 29, 2012

Things I Hear and Hope My Kids are Playing Minecraft

Things I Hear and Hope My Kids are Playing Minecraft


My kid have jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon with almost every other kid I know.  They played on our smartphones with the free versions for several months until they talked me into buying the Android App. For Christmas we bought them Visual Land tablets and the first thing they downloaded was the Amazon Appstore so they could get to Minecraft.  It turns out they have more options when playing it on the tablet versus the smartphone. They played for hours without bickering Christmas Day and the day after. For being 14 and 8, this is a major accomplishment and I was glad to see them bonding.

Today my friend’s son came over and all 3 of them immediately decided they were going to play Minecraft. With all 3 kids on tablets and synced in the same world, I sat down at my laptop to get to work. I didn’t get very much done before I began laughing listening to the things they were saying. If I hear them saying these things again, I hope they are playing Minecraft.