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Valentines Day DIY Gifts Kids Can Make: Rice Sock Heating Pad

Valentines Day DIY Gifts Kids Can Make

Valentines Day gifts kids can make


Looking for a great Valentines Day diy gift kids can make? Then you should try these super cute Sock heating pads! Don’t you always have a lonely sock that gets shoved in the back of the drawer hoping one day you will find it’s mate? Yep me too! My 5 year old wanted to make a Valentines Day gift for for grandmother, so I found something easy for her to do, and a way to use things we already had! Now, I know the photo above isn’t perfect, but, it will be perfect for the person that is receiving it, and my 5 year old was very excited to make it herself! So if you wanted them to be perfect, you could always make them yourself! Continue reading

Karla’s Korner: Love Beyond the Valentine


Love Beyond the Valentine….

Love, defined by the Webster online dictionary is “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person; an attraction that includes physical desire or the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.” I’ve also heard love referred to as a verb, an action or way of behavior. It’s no secret that I am head over heels in love with my husband David. He is my heart, soul and the love of my life. Our love is just that, it’s ours and completely different from the love we have for other people. But our love is just one piece of our life’s puzzle. Love surrounds us in varying ways.

Believing that sharing our feelings for one another is important I often find myself embracing a friend with a hug and telling them that I love them. I love to love people. It is important to share your feelings and express our love for one another. By doing so it validates our relationships, and opens ourselves up not only to give but to receive the love we were created to share with one another.

American poet and greeting card producer Susan Polis Schutz wrote a poem entitled “Love is” where she explores the many facets of love including strength, reality, unity, the source of success, of the future, of passion, sharing, security and ultimately the source of life…” Reading through the entire poem I find myself thankful for the love in my life and the reality that love is exactly all of these things in various capacities and degrees of intensity with those I share various pieces of life with.

So why are we hesitant to express our love for one another? Is it because we fear the vulnerability we face when we open ourselves up to the intensity of love in a relationship? Is it because we believe love is only romantic? And what about the love we have for ourselves? Do we believe that we should love ourselves? The concept of self-love is a relatively new experience for me personally. Learning to love myself is a process; something that I continue to work on daily. The image in the mirror surprises me sometimes as I become used to the physical changes taking place, however it is the non-physical changes that I love most. Self-love I believe is an essential element to loving others.

American author Jack Kornfield wrote “At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?” Living fully and loving well I believe go together like potato chips and dip, hot dogs and mustard, beer and pretzels, wine and cheese…you get the idea. As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure one can live fully without loving well or loving well without living fully. Life is meant to be lived in community, with others, for others and in relationships that bring about what my friend Carole would call “the good stuff”. It is important to experience the varying degrees (types) of love and be able to express that love freely and openly with others. Nike has a slogan “Just Do It” and quite often I think we should adopt that attitude when expressing our love for one another. Just say it. Tell those around you that you love them and actually love them. Show them you love them. Be present. Be open, honest and vulnerable allowing them to love you back.

As a parent the love we have for our children goes beyond anything we could ever have imagined. At times it’s like our heart is walking around outside our body and sometimes it’s wonderful and other times it hurts. Either way it’s one of the greatest loves we could ever know. The love we have for our spouse or partner is equally as wonderful but completely different; it’s still love. The love we have for our friends, those friends who in spite of our differences love us anyway is deep and precious and completely different for each one of them; and although it’s different it’s still love.

In trying to sum up the idea of love and what it means I believe that love is perfect. It’s perfect because it is the one thing that seems to cure so many things. It is what we crave as people. It is as essential as air, water, and food for our very existence. I would say many problems we face as human beings can be traced back to a lack of love. This week I encourage you to look beyond the Valentine and share the love you have for others openly and intentionally. Love is meant to be expressed, given and received. Author David Viscott wrote “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides”. Live fully. Love completely. Just do it!

Peace & love,


I think we all need a touch point a place we can go to be inspired. Karla is my children’s teacher, a good friend, and a person with a heart of gold. I hope that her words will inspire you to do more. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. It is important to listen with your heart and proceed with your eyes open. Enjoy!

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valentine cards for adults

Free Printable Valentine Cards

February 7, 2015

How to Plan the Perfect Date

How to Plan the Perfect Date

The perfect stage makes for the best performance. Does the script make the play? The truth is the actors make the production all it’s meant to be and really nothing else matters. It is the intention of the actors and the preparation that defines the outcome. The same can be said for a romantic evening. The best Valentine’s Day experience will be the result from a proper plan. I figure I can help you with your best stay at home date ever. This is how to plan the perfect date.

The first you need to do is take an awesome massage class that is easy and effective. We highly suggest the class by melt massage. <— Sign up now! <—

Massage Classes

Then you will leave clues from our free printable coupon hint document. . You can see where we suggest you leave the clues. In our post How to prepare for a massage post. It is very important to set the stage. It isn’t hard but the secret to the best gift is building anticipation. We hope that in the next couple of days you take our hints and produce the best gift.

Massage Clues

Then you can use this printable list to organize the rest of your Valentine’s day. We want to make this your best stay at home date idea yet.

Valentines Day Checklist

We also have some great ideas for meals that will knock their socks off. I know I will be making an easy meal that looks fancy but it is easy and tastes great. I will organize my favorite tradition which is a coffee table picnic. It is truly fun and having a stay at home date where the main intention is enjoying one another is the purpose.

coffee table picnic

How would you make your Perfect Date special? Let us know in the comments below!


February 4, 2014

Treat Sends More Love to Your Loved Ones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Treat.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

Valentine’s Day Cards are all about telling your friends and family how much you love them. I love that I can personalize cards for my friends and let them be reminded of our bond. I made my cards with Treat.com. They were so simple to do. Check out my pictures of the card I made.


All I did was upload a picture of me and my friends to Treat and then select that picture to be uploaded into my card. Treat did all the work. Then I put my own words into the card and ordered it to be sent either to me to give to my friend or they'll send it straight to your friends and family for the cost of a stamp. It really is just that easy. You can even make Photo Gifts which you know would be such a hit with grandparents and relatives. When you have the code SENDMORELOVE you can get 3 of their beautiful cards for $6 and that is a steal of a deal. Make sure to order your cards by 2/10/14 to get them in time for Valentine's Day. You don't want to miss out on this deal.

 photo Treat_zps832edd2c.png

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I found some great Valentine's Day cards from Treat.com for special people in my life.

Group Hug Card – I love the design of this card because I can add photos of my kids and they can send these to aunts, uncles and other relatives.

Beary Lovable – I'm going to send this cute Valentine's Day card to my bffs.

Heart of a Teacher – Don't forget to let the kids send a Valentine greeting to their teachers. I'm printing several of these so that my kids can send these to their teachers.

Preschool Perfect – Of course it's important to send some special love to grandparents, this colorful card is fun.

Best Love – I'm going to customize this card for my husband. It's super cute because I can add his name and our photos on the cover.

Make sure to follow Treat on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then take pictures of the cards you make and instagram them with the #SENDMORELOVE. Which of your loved ones would like a personalized Valentine's Day card this month? Let me know in a comment!

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#TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk, Perfect for Valentines Day!

#TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk, Perfect for Valentines Day!

TruMoo Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming up soon, and what is everyone’s favorite treat on Valentines Day? Chocolate! TruMoo who already makes amazing milk has a brand new flavor, just in time for the upcomming holiday, the new Chocolate Marshmallow Milk! TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow milk is made with fresh white milk sourced from regional dairies around the country – pure cocoa and just enough natural sugar to make it taste great. TruMoo milk is something I always feel good about giving my little dancer after a day at the dance studio because it’s Nutritious and Delicious!I also love that TruMoo Milk contains no artificial growth hormones and no high fructose corn syrup.Continue reading

Valentines Day Crafts Ideas: Craft Sticks Projects

Valentines Day Crafts Ideas

Craft Sticks Projects

Craft sticks projects 1

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romance and lovers strolling hand in hand contemplating the stars. At our house it is about celebrating the love we have for each other as a family. That loves extends to our friends and extended family members also. Very rarely do my husband and I disappear for a “Valentine’s Date Night” instead we celebrate it with our children because family is what love is all about. We make cards, special treats and even homemade gifts for each other. Our favorite gifts are craft sticks projects because the options are endless and you can use them in so many different ways. My daughter took the lead already this year and created a sparkly butterfly for her Valentines Day Craft Ideas: Craft Sticks Projects. Continue reading