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Valentine’s Day Drink

Valentine's Day Drink

Valentine’s Day Drink


I created this quick and easy  Valentine’s Day Drink for kids or the kid in you. I know this isn’t a hard recipe and really it isn’t all that clever but it is one that my children really enjoyed. I figured since my kids enjoyed it so much that we would have it at our valentine’s day tea. We would instead of hot Valentine’s strawberry milk. It got me think this could be the perfect potion on days when you are tired of hot chocolate.

The recipe is beyond easy and it is inexpensive which is my moto. I like to make things that are cheap, fast, easy, and yummy. I also like to create things that make memories. I sure my little Valentines will remember this treat.

Valentine’s Day Drink


Strawberry powder or syrup (I am sure you can make your own but I am not a pinterest mom)

Fresh Strawberries for a garnish

You can also add whip cream

You simply heat the milk on the stove top and add in the desired amount of strawberry flavoring

The kids loved this Valentine’s Day Drink so much that they ask for it all the time. We served ours with this amazing easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe. You can check out more of my Valentine Recipes for Kids and other Valentine’s Day Drink  and a great all purpose punch ideas. I believe that creating traditions and memories with your family is far more important than what you can buy them. You can’t put a price on the moments in your life so sit down and have a cup of hot strawberry milk and enjoy all that life has brought you.

What kind of drinks do you serve on Valentine’s Day?




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Valentines Day: Strawberry Shortcake

Easy Strawberry Shortcake

Easy Strawberry Shortcake

  I believe in making easy, cheap and yummy recipes. This Strawberry Shortcake recipe took under 5 minutes. I even had little helpers and it was still quick and easy.I found it to be a treat that my children enjoyed and also one that you could whip up for someone older. It is also an amazing food for a party for adults or for children at their school especially for Valentines Day.

  Strawberry Shortcake

You will need a package of lady fingers. They are found in the bakery and retail for less than $2.00

Then you will need cool whip or whip cream. The cool whip was $1.00

The last ingredient is the strawberries. You can buy fresh or frozen. We paid just $2.00 for ours

You can add bananas, coconut, chocolate chips, honey, other berries, pineapple, or white chocolate chips.

This would be a great activity at a chid’s party. They could make their own Lady Finger Dessert.


Lady Fingers Strawberry Short Cake

You will need open your lady finger and place some cool whip on one side of the lady finger.
Lady Fingers Strawberry Short CakeThen you will wash and cut your strawberries. I tried to make mine look like hearts. Then I simply places them on the cool whip on the plate.
Lady Fingers Strawberry Short CakeI closed the top of the lady finger and placed them as fancy as possible. I garnished my plate with a huge fresh strawberry and I served my cheap and easy Strawberry Shortcake.
Lady Fingers Strawberry Short Cake

I feel that this recipe can be made with a child 18 months and up. The parent will need to cut the berries but the rest of the process is safe and easy. The children will enjoy eating this treats as much as creating it. This is a family favorite and I am sure it will end up being sent to school for a class party since it is cheap, quick, easy, and yummy!

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January 25, 2013

Chocolate Dip Pretzels

Chocolate Dip Pretzels

Chocolate Dip Pretzels

This is a very easy and simple recipe. Just buy some pretzels, insert a large marshmallow at the end and dip it in chocolate and roll on sprinkles. To make it more fun use red and white sprinkles, especially those heart-shaped ones.

See it’s very easy to create fun snacks that kids will enjoy this Valentine’s day. You can have a fun mini party with them and celebrate the day of hearts with yummy treats, fun chat, games and memories to keep forever.

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Chocolate Dip Pretzels

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies were the perfect accompaniment to my daughter’s Valentine’s themed Birthday Party The party was a success and the Baked Brie was a hit. It made it to my personal archive of things I will make again. My house was full of laughter, fun, and yummy treats. No one left hungry and everyone left happy.That is what makes a perfect Valentine’s Day Party.

Parties aren’t fun without cookies and I will admit as much as I like homemade cookies it just isn’t in my schedule. I love buying the Store Brand refrigerated cookie dough and baking up delicious treats with a twist.

This time I made Valentine’s Day Cookies with sugar cookie dough, chocolate frosting, and red/white sparkling sugar sprinkles. The best part was I saved because I used ingredients I already had at home. The only thing I bought was the sugar cookie dough. By purchasing the Store Brand I saved even more.

valentines day cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies

The cookies combine my favorite sugar cookies with chocolate.

You need 1 roll of Store Brand Sugar Cookie Dough

1 container of Frosting (use leftover frosting if you have it)

Sparkling Sugar Sprinkles or cake sprinkles

  1. Bake your Store Brand Sugar Cookie Dough according to package directions.
  2. Microwave cake frosting in 20 second intervals until it is smooth enough to dip cookies into.
  3. Dip cookies into frosting. Get creative you can cover them all the way or only half. (If you are using leftover frosting and it isn’t deep enough to dip then take a spoon and carefully coat the cookie)
  4. Make sure the frosting isn’t dripping and then sprinkle with sparkling sugar sprinkles. (Do this over a bowl so you can reuse the sprinkles that don’t stick.
  5. Let chocolate and sprinkles set on cookies.
  6. Serve and eat


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