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Valentines Day DIY Gifts Kids Can Make: Rice Sock Heating Pad

Valentines Day DIY Gifts Kids Can Make

Valentines Day gifts kids can make


Looking for a great Valentines Day diy gift kids can make? Then you should try these super cute Sock heating pads! Don’t you always have a lonely sock that gets shoved in the back of the drawer hoping one day you will find it’s mate? Yep me too! My 5 year old wanted to make a Valentines Day gift for for grandmother, so I found something easy for her to do, and a way to use things we already had! Now, I know the photo above isn’t perfect, but, it will be perfect for the person that is receiving it, and my 5 year old was very excited to make it herself! So if you wanted them to be perfect, you could always make them yourself! Continue reading