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February 22, 2013

Want the Ability to monitor your kids online activity? You can with uKnowKids!

uKnowKids can help you keep your kids out of danger online!

uKnowKids lets you see a birds eye view of your child’s social network and mobile phone activity so you can keep them safe from bullies, bad guys and dangers online. With uKnowKids, you can monitor your child’s social network usage including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace and activity made from a mobile phone or iPod. Our online tool can also monitor Android and Blackberry text messages and location data. Based upon your settings, uKnowKids has the functionality to send you notifications when your child is involved in a potentially risky situation. This puts you in a position to be educated and proactive without having to sift through the massive amounts of online data your child is producing.


You can get this service from uKnowKids for FREE!

uKnowKids offers 3 different services packages. Essential, Premier, and Premier +

Essential- FREE and includes monitoring of Facebook profiles and messages. It also offers weekly and monthly reports, a slang translator, and a search option for keywords and contacts.

Premier- FREE trial, and then $9.95/month. Includes monitoring services for Andriod/Blackberry texts,calls, and Facebook mobile messaging. Also offers Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,and  Instagram. It also offers Weekly and Monthly reports, Multiple children accounts, and push notifications.

Premier +– FREE Trial, and then starting at $9.95/month. You get all the features of the Premier Plan, along with a Live Support Help Desk and a Child Set Up Walkthrough.

uKnowKids offers a service that could keep your children out of danger!!

Click the image above to learn how you can keep your children safe on the internet using uKnowKids.