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May 3, 2013

Therafit Shoe Review

 Therafit Shoe

   Do sneakers keep your feet happy? Are they the answer to a day of heels. I was recently given a pair of Therafit Shoes to try out. I picked out the brightest pink I could find. You see I need to be able to see my feet. I will explain later.
therafit shoe
    Sneakers are a must have for any busy mom. From running errands, chaperoning field trips, catching a workout at the gym and chasing after your kids every mom needs a dependable pair of sneakers they can count on. Not any pair of sneakers will do because you need a pair that is comfortable, fits well, provides support, and holds up to all the stress a mom is going to put them thru! I was told I need to  test their ability to make them “run fast and jump high!”
I decided to take them to pump class. Well, houston we have a problem. In pump class when I do squats I can’t see my feet normally. That was alleviated with the bright pink shoes. It also makes them easy to find in the sea of shoes at my house.
I do have two areas of concern the first is that the Therafit shoes were so comfortable and so helpful in absorbing the normal shock to my body during pump that I decided to add more weight to my workout. That was a great idea until the next day. That was a user fail. The next issue I have is my daughter loves the pink color so she has taken them over when she is at home. She is four so luckily the color has really helps me locate them.
Therafit Shoe

Therafit shoe

In regard to the busy mom needing sneakers – they serve a great purpose in hiding the much needed pedicure!! Lol!


The truth is they improved my posture, my wardrobe and my overall enthusiasm for working out. I loved wearing them and I honestly hate sneakers because they usually do not fit well. I have fat feet.. SHHHHH. I love that I can customize the shoe to the appropriate level of impact my easily removing the  comfort adaptors. I use 3 when I attempt to run and two when I am in pump class. I just wear what ever I had in last if I am just wearing them and not exercising. I enjoy my Therafit shoes and the pink just makes me smile.

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