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February 28, 2013

I’m still a great mom..even if I have Tattoos

Would you think less of a Mom, if she had visible tattoos?

Inspiration for posts can come from anywhere, funny things that happen, an interesting news story, or in this case, a hateful comment directed at you. I was shopping last night with my 4 year old, (she just had to have a Gameboy, right that second, so, being the awesome mom I am, I drove 30 miles away to a game store, in the rain, at 7 pm) when a women whom I had never seen before came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. What came next was a shock to me, I turn my head and say Hello and this is what she says to me, “Do you really think a good Mother should have an evil tattoo in plain site for everyone to see?”  I didn’t know what to say to that, no one had ever said anything like that to me before. What would she have thought if she saw the other 4 tattoos I have? Through gritted teeth I told her that I was a great mother, and thanked her for her concern and walked away. Jaiden then turned to me and said this, “Mommy, why did that lady say you were a bad Mom? Did you do something wrong?”  Ouch.

Now does this little girl looks like she is upset that her Mom has tattoos? I don’t think so!

I’ve always been “different” but I never got so much crap for it until I had Jaiden.

I grew up in a very relaxed, alternative household. My mom had tattoos, and a nose ring, my dad wore leather, and has his ears and nose pierced, so I never viewed myself as “different”. Through my teenage years I guess people just assumed I was being just that, a teenager. I’m now 24, and guess what..I still have 6 tattoos, a tongue ring, and sometimes, crazy hair! Does this make me a bad Mom? I don’t think so!

What if I told you every person in this picture (other than my daughter of course) has tattoos?

Would that make you think less of them? Would you think they were setting a bad example for the little girl? This was my little girls 4th birthday, Alice In Wonderland themed. Me and her father stayed up until 3 AM making her cake, and putting together her swing set. That little girl is our world, so to have someone question my parenting skills because of some artwork on my body, really upsets me.

This is the tattoo the woman was reffing to, it wraps around my arm. Is it everyone’s cup of tea? Nope! Do I love it? Yep! Jaiden actually picked out a few of the things on the tattoo, like the pink mushroom and the bread and butterfly.

The tattoos don’t stop with just me either! This is my husbands back piece! Does this make him a bad father? If I told you that he works 10 hours a day to provide for us, but he has tattoos, long hair, and loves metal music, would you think less of him?

Jaiden in her Tool night shirt, she loves it because she knows it’s Daddie’s favorite band <3

So, there it is. I’m a 24 year old Work-at-Home wife and mother, I’m a CMA, and I work really hard, oh and I have tattoos. What are your thoughts about moms with tattoos? Does it bother you? Would you/have you ever felt the need to question someones parenting skills that you have never met before? There is no wrong answer, I just want to know 🙂

At the end of the day, Jaiden got her Gameboy, and probably forgot about the comment that was made to me..but what about next time? Lets learn to accept all people for who they are, and love your neighbor!