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August 11, 2017

How to Make Time for Yourself on a Budget

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PEOPLE®, Real Simple®, and Southern Living®. The opinions and text are all mine.

me time

The calming water dripping in the background as the dishes are washed in the machine. The laundry machine is spinning as it plots its revenge on my socks. The refrigerator is full of actual groceries and gone are the takeaway boxes that had no business leaving the restaurant. The crockpot is cooking dinner which smells like someone knows what they are doing. The children’s rooms have a clear path to their bed and an equally clear path to the closet. The bills are paid some even in advance of their due date.

The littlest child is sitting next to the puppy whose tiny belly is full of pieces of my brand new shoes. The oldest is reading his book that he was supposed to start weeks ago and nervously penning the answers to the teacher driven questions. The middle child is putting on makeup to see how it looks while trying to hide the fact that she is using mine.

I am hiding in my closet. Yes, my closet. It has four walls and a door. It also has two additional doors before you reach it. If they want to find me, they have to travel up the stairs. Then they have to open my bedroom door and my bathroom door.


Why am I hiding in my closet? If you are asking that question, you most likely aren’t a parent. You see quiet in a house of five people and a puppy is as common as finding gold in a lake in Virginia or ice cream in a solid state that was left in a trunk in 100-degree weather. Yes, that happened, a melted mess of strawberry stickiness that was luckily contained in the plastic bag that I normally reuse. The smell was a combination of strawberries and gym socks and required an intervention of a steam machine and a perfumed odor reduction spray.

hy am I hiding in the closet? I have a tip on how you can have me time this summer while staying on a budget.

What am I I doing in my closet? One of my favorite things in the world and no I am not talking about Hide and Go Seek. I know you are thinking trying on shoes. That isn’t it. How about putting on lipstick? That isn’t it either. I am doing the one thing that has driven me to tears, greatness, a sense of accomplishment. It has taken me to far off places, close spaces. I have experienced love, laughter, the study of human nature, the depths of the sea, or soaring in the sky. I have found a new piece of information or clarification on what I know.

I am moving my fingers gingerly through new experiences as my eyes embrace the challenge, context, and the depths of the syllables that formed words. I am becoming, dreaming, making lists to do because I am reading.

I am finding myself under the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, kid questions, husband requests, and job responsibilities. I sound my battle cry as I turn further and further into my Southern Living magazine. I am embracing my dream of a house on the beach and a pie in the oven that tastes like summer and leaves you as breathless as your first kiss. I am having my “me time.” I am away from my favorite people near some of my favorite things only to remind myself that it is me who makes the rest work.

I am undoing the day. I am letting the stress roll off, and the calm of the quiet bring me back to center. I am exploring my likes and finding new things to love.

I am planning my next adventure, a meal to try next week, and I am challenging myself to learn something new. I am using the Southern Living Magazine as my catapult to more and its inspiration as my compass to guide me.

Have a "Me Time" this summer and enjoy reading your favorite magazine. Check out the August issue of Southern Living Magazine and save big by getting Kroger coupon now!

It is easy to get started. I got my Southern Living at my Kroger store. You can also find it at: Bakers, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food & Drug, Gerbes, Jay C, King Soopers, Owens, Pay Less, QFC, Ralph’s or Smith’s.

Have a "Me Time" this summer and enjoy reading your favorite magazine. Check out the August issue of Southern Living Magazine and save big by getting Kroger coupon now!

I invite you to find your special place and to read and invite you to return to the person you once knew if only for a few minutes dive back into your dreams with magazines: PEOPLE, Real Simple, Southern Living and PEOPLE Princess Diana: Twenty Years Later.

There is a great coupon for $1 off at Kroger so you can save on your next purchase, you can get it here.

Fun Swim Party Games

I love a good swimming party. The key to having a great swim party is fun swim party games. I came up with a couple of games that are easy to play and inexpensive. You will need a couple of items, but you can buy most of them at the dollar store. I personally buy mine on Amazon.

I would also suggest reading this post on how to keep kids safe from a swim instructor. When you decide to have a swim party if the children aren’t able to swim on their own make sure you hire a lifeguard, in fact, you should have one on site, just to make sure. You will be busy and not able to watch the kids. You can usually hire one for $15 an hour. It is worth the expense because safety is the best investment you can make.

Fun Swimming Party Games

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Sophisticated Summer Clothes On A Budget

Do you love summer like I do? It is the best time of year except the humidity, heat, and your thighs sticking to the leather of your car no matter what tricks you try to avoid this. I think you have a couple of fashion options over the summer. The one I love best is a bathing suit and a coverup. When I have to get dressed up, I like to look fashionable not like a candidate for the what not to wear series.

Do you also like to dress cute in the summer and wear sophisticated summer clothes on a budget?

It is easy to pick out summer clothes if you know these simple tricks. You want to pick clothes that are lightweight, hide your problem areas, and flaunt the areas that you have worked hard to create. You need patterns and fun colors. You need clothes that make you look great and feel amazing.

What are the summer clothes trends you should be on the look out for? The easiest one is jewelry with seed beads. The hardest is the jumpsuit not because it is challenging to wear because it isn’t. It is the best look for day or night, and it is easy to pack, but it is hard to find one that fits you perfectly. You can see you can dress it up or down just change your shoes, purse, and jewelry.

What if you aren’t a jumpsuit kind of girl? Then look at these Greek-inspired summer dresses with the ornate details on the bust. They are sure to please, comfortable to wear, and they are lightweight, so you will not be sweating like a bottle of chilled wine on a hot night.

If you are looking for less sophisticated summer clothes on a budget, the t-shirt and shorts are always a perfect option. I would suggest reading the t-shirt before putting it on. I know some of you think you are funny but causing your children to enter therapy because they are embarrassed shouldn’t be a side effect of your wardrobe choices.

Summer clothes should be fashionable, light weight, and light on your budget. When I buy something, I try to buy something I know I can layer in the spring or the fall. It is the best way to stretch your dollar and get the most out of your summer clothes.

Summer clothes for beach getaway

Summer clothes for your beach vacation

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May 28, 2017

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

You have a schedule. You are used the kids going to school. I mean your life was full enough. Now you have the responsibility to keep the kids active, happy, and create the summer of their dreams. You need tricks or a magic wand or both. You need 10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom and you needed the yesterday.

These are some fun activities for kids at home.
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FREE “I’m Bored” Jar Printable For Kids

FREE “I’m Bored” Jar Printable For Kids

FREE "I'm Bored" Jar Printable For Kids

Today was the last full week of school for my kids. That means only 3 more days until summer starts. YAY right? The kids are so excited they could burst. But as a mom I know that that excitement will quickly wear away by week two, day 3, 9am. It happens the same time each year without fail. And when it does, the kids will let you know. They will come up to you dragging their feet, and sour faces and exclaim with a sigh, “MOM, I’m SO bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!”. Here we have 2 choices. We can tell them to go watch some TV (and no judgement here, sometimes we all go that route) or we can direct them to an activity. So that’s where the idea for the “I’m Bored” Jar comes in!

I'm Bord Jar Printable

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