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Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe

You can still enjoy the delicious taste of banana bread even if you're cutting on sugar. Check out this sugar free banana bread recipe

 Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe

I am always looking for great tasting recipes that don’t use sugar, as well as a recipe my little one can help with. I am in love with the all natural sweetener Xylitol, not only is it a great one for one substitution for sugar but it always has great dental benefits as well. The great thing about making banana bread is that it is something everyone in the family can participate in–it is just pouring ingredients mixing, and my personal favorite part, mashing the bananas! These are all things that can be fun for your little ones to do and makes it easy for them to participate. Even my little one year old loved that she got to help me mix and mash in this recipe. So here it is–I adapted a few different banana bread recipes to get to my liking, and remember any time you want to use xylitol as a substitute for sugar it is one for one, so you don’t even have to mess with different measurements. This makes it a very simple and quick substitution.

Sugar Free Banana Bread Recipe
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November 5, 2013

Gifts In Jars: Jelly Belly Beans

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Jelly Belly beans are low fat, gluten free, and “OU” certified (though the mints are not Kosher).  Don’t forget they are available in sugar free, sports recovery, high energy, protein and many more! There is an option for each person on your list!

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Jelly Belly Christmas Mix – 10 lbs bulk

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See these Gifts In Jars: Brownie mix, Bath wash and scrub recipes, even make playdough for a Gift In A Jar for a child!

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Cereal Protein Bar Recipe for Kids

Cereal Protein Bar Recipe

Cereal Protein Bar Recipe

Want a recipe children can make by themselves?? These cereal or protein bars are a great way to use up those crumbs in the bottom of the cereal box. Good for easy quick sugar free, high protein, no bake breakfasts and/ or snacks! I have made these for the children as well as for a post workout snack for myself!

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids: Mint Berry Cream Cheese

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids:

Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids

I simply combines all of the ingredients my children like  to make this Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids. I used Stevia instead of sugar to sweeten the recipe. I often struggle in the morning with what to serve the kids for breakfast they get tired of having the same thing over and over again. The answer we came up with was making a fancy cream cheese mint spread. The best part is this recipe makes enough that you can freeze it.

The freezing part is also quite easy to do….Continue reading