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September 24, 2016

Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Try this amazingly good homemade spaghetti sauce recipe

This is my Spaghetti Sauce Recipe. It is based on my mom’s “Amazing Gravy” recipe. She grew up in Philly and her home was right outside of little Italy so she must have learned how to cook from there. This Spaghetti Sauce Recipe smells so good I have thought about bottling the smell and selling it.

I went to sam’s club and bought all of the items above with exception of the basil. I used all of it. I made two huge pots of  my Spaghetti Sauce Recipe because I put it in ziplock bags and I freeze it to be used later. I also add some oregano by sight and 2 cloves of fresh garlic one for each pot.

The secret to the my easy Spaghetti Sauce Recipe is the order in which I do things and the quality of the ingredients. I find that is important to buy in bulk and cook ahead to save time and money. I use this sauce for tons of recipes.Continue reading

September 1, 2016

Here is a quick way to make dinner and lunch at the same time!

Easy Pasta with Pesto Recipes

School has started, it is day one, and I already hear, “I hate what you packed me for lunch.” What! I want to tell them the story about the children without food or the food that we ate when I was younger. You remember the pizza could have just as easily been found in the recycling bin as on the tan rectangle lunch tray. The “pizza” was brown, hard, and smelled tangy and the flavor was missing like the change in the couch.

I was not always a good cook, in fact; I had no idea how to cook. In college, I read the box for pasta, and it said, “Let boil for 10 minutes.” I let the water boil for ten minutes and then I wondered when I was supposed to add the pasta. That was back then, but this is now. I am smarter and a more seasoned cook. I do, however, like to take a great short cut to a super meal. One of the tricks I have is to head to BJ’s Wholesale and pick up the Barilla Organic Pasta Penne/Spaghetti 6 pack along with the 2 pack of the Barilla Pesto Sauce because you can make two easy meals!

Barilla Organic Pasta from BJ's

I like the variety in a single box, you get both organic spaghetti and penne. This box of Barilla pasta gives me two different cooking options. As an added bonus, Barilla Organic Pasta is USDA certified organic, contains no GMO ingredients, and cooks up perfectly “al dente” every time! #BarillaOrganic. And did I mention the Barilla Pesto Sauce?! It is amazing! It is made with the highest quality ingredients like sweet basil, aromatic herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. It is delicious hot or cold! #BarillaPesto. I am going to share a great dinner recipe that also makes a great lunch. Plus I will share a recipe for a side that I often eat as my main course at lunch or when I am running to soccer practice. I put this pasta salad in a container on the go. It is also my go to lunch idea for my kids. They adore it, and they can make their own variation of my (famous to them and in my own mind) Pesto Pasta Salad.

Easy Pasta with Pesto Recipes

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