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September 24, 2013

Your Vaccine Can Give a Child a Shot at Life

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Giving a Child a Shot at Life seems like a relatively easy thing to do but with the lack of vaccine availability in some countries, children may not even make it past  childhood. That is why Walgreens has teamed up with United Nations Foundation’s Shot At Life Campaign.

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When I heard about this campaign I really got to thinking how much we take getting immunizations for granted.  However, at times with our busy schedules it makes it hard to get into our doctors for something so little but yet so important. That is where Walgreens comes in.  You can stop into any Walgreens and receive almost any immunization you need including your yearly Flu Shot.

Having something so convenient takes away the excuse of not having time to get to your doctors. I make sure I stay up to date on my immunizations because my family needs me to. They need me to be my healthiest each and every day so I don’t miss out on all their important life moments. These moments don’t have to even be big moments but the little ones as well.  The impromptu sing-along sessions while out running errands, tea parties with a room full of stuffed animals, trying out new recipes, or even watching their favorite movie with them.

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Without the proper vaccines I could become ill and miss out on those moments. Walgreens even offers adults the annual Flu Shot. No more waiting in a room full of people at the doctors to get one vaccine. Planning a trip and need to get an extra vaccine or two while preparing for your trip. Look no further than Walgreens because they offer those also. Plus for every vaccine that is given at Walgreens between now and October 14th, a vaccine will be give to a child a developing country. These children do not have access to vaccines like we do here in the states.

This is the whole mission behind the Get A Shot/Give A Shot campaign. The mission is to ensure that 3 million vaccines are given to help prevent life threatening disease such as measles and polio.  The best part is you can share with your family and friends how you helped Give a Child a Shot at Life when you display your own sign like the one I made below.

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Thanks to Walgreens list of vaccines, I can make sure I stay up to date and won’t miss out on any of life’s little moments.

Like “selfies” with my daughter. 

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For more vaccine information check out Walgreens Shot At Life Campaign.

Follow Walgreens on twitter for up to date vaccine information!

Share your Get A Shot/Give A Shot moment with Walgreens on their Facebook Page and inspire others to take action.

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July 23, 2013

Create a Kool Aid Drinks Creation

Create a Kool Aid Drinks Creation and You Could Meet Big Time Rush

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My daughter is a big fan of Big Time Rush and currently they are are touring the Midwest. They will be in Detroit, MI on August 3, 2013. Walmart is holding a contest and one lucky person will win a Meet & Greet passes and tickets to see Big Time Rush. Walmart is sponsoring this contest with Kool-Aid and to enter you need to create a “Kool Creation” with Kool-Aid and upload it on the brand page.

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July 22, 2013

Refreshment on the go with Bigelow Tea

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Bigelow Tea Keeps Me Refreshed When I Am On The Go

 I am leaving in a few days to attend my first blogging conference. Most of the people attending are women and everyone is busy arranging their schedules and talking about food. Yes food and beverages come up frequently in conversations as everyone will be attending parties, lunch meetings and informal gatherings. Everyone is talking about making sure they get their coffee fix. Me I am not to concerned with coffee because I don’t drink it. I keep hydrated and stay refreshed with Iced Tea when I am on the go. My favorite flavors right now are Raspberry and Blueberry from Bigelow Tea. You can check out my recent shopping  trip to Walmart.Continue reading