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Winter Fun: Snow Cream Recipe for Kids

When life gives you Snow, Make Snow Cream!!

Snowcream 123

Wintertime can be a time of fun but some times you get stuck inside. Don’t let the snow that is piling up outside your door or the frigid temperatures take all the fun away. Grab your kids and a few bowls and get ready to make Snow Cream. Snow Cream is the perfect treat to make when you are bored or the kids just want to have fun. I am a firm believer in finding the silver lining in what is surrounding you. In this case turn the snow into a delicious treat, we love to call Snow Cream.Continue reading

Snow Day Activities

Snow Day Activities



Winter bring cold temperature and with it tons of snow for many regions. Last week we got tons of snow dumped on us in a short time and the kids ended up with several snow days. This was right after Christmas Vacation so they were already bouncing off the walls. Many people think they need to hole up in the house when the snow is falling but we are all about getting out and enjoying the weather. Check out all these fun Snow Day Activities. Continue reading

January 24, 2013

Ice Balloons for Kids

I am sure I have your brain thinking, Ice Balloons?

What are you talking about?

Let say it’s a great time for the kids.  And it has some learning involved as well.

Ice Balloons Supplies are SUPER easy.

Water (I used water balloons because that’s what I had, but I do plan on getting the big ones)


Food coloring if you would like


ice balloonsContinue reading