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How to Save Money with a Cellphone

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If you have been following our site you know we have been focusing on living on 30,000 or less. What if you make more than that? It doesn’t matter. The tips for saving money apply to all. The way that I save the most money is using my cell phone. The first way to save is to look at your bills. We talk about the two bills you have,  those that you have and are fixed and those that you can can alter. That is what I would like to talk about today the bills you can alter. I highly suggest looking into ditching your contracted cell phone. You pay for more than what you use. You have limited control over your plan and you are tied to a contract. You never want to be tied to a contract. The Walmart Family Mobile plan offers you the flexibility you need and the savings you deserve.

alcatel fierce

I decided that spring was the time for me to implement my savings plan. I have a goal to go on an amazing vacation next year and the only way to do that is cut expenses and use the tools you have to save money. I headed to my local Walmart  and purchased the Alcatel Fierce 2 with the Walmart Family Mobile plan for $29.88.

walmart family mobile IMG_1445

The Walmart Family Mobile features everything you need in a cellphone and the one thing you don’t is a big bill. The plan cost $29.88 (for the first line) and you get Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data.

walmart family planNote: You will also need to make a one time purchase the $25.00 starter kit if you are NOT already using Walmart Family Mobile as your service provider.

Alcatel Fierce 2 + WFM Service

Alcatel Fierce 2 + WFM Service take this to the front and pay for the phone.

Note: Once you have paid then get it activated right in the store. The employees should be able to help you do this.

The Alcatel Fierce 2  features a rear camera and a front camera. It is easy to use and it great for games according to my son who took the phone as soon as it was charged to test it out “himself”. That means that a ten year old was able to set it up, download games, and then he even added an additional SD card to add more memory for games of course. The phone has plenty of memory for us normal people who use the phone to call people and use it for money saving apps.

Speaking of money saving since this is how all of this got started. You know me wanting to cut my wireless bill from $85 (each) a month without losing the 4g coverage I currently have which is why I decided to switch to save and use the data my way. I love having to option to add more data as I need it. I am currently using 2 GB a month on a shared plan with my husband. The images are from my actual account.

saving with a cell phone Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.16.25 PM

I decided if I use the Walmart UNLIMITED talk, text, data… you read right unlimited at $29.98. That would save us $50 a month. I can’t change my husband’s plan since it is for his job however, $50 a month times 12 months is $600 a year. $600 a year is 2 nights hotel, water park tickets, and food or I could do a hotel on the beach and food.  The point is I would get more than what I am getting now and I could enjoy it from my waterfront hotel. I guess since I own a website that helps people save I will give you the top five ways I use my cellphone to save money.

how to save money on cellphone


1) I search for coupons before I buy anything. I quickly search for coupons. I can’t tell you how many stores, dining establishments, and even auto repair places have coupons.

2) I use my phone to get directions. This saves me time, money (less gas), and it helps me stay safe which is worth every penny.

3) I use my phone to download books and movies. I read all the time and being able to read anywhere I go is wonderful and having unlimited data allows me to pick up a book anywhere. I may also be known to use my phone to watch Netflix as well.

4) I use fitness apps to help make sure I am healthy and to challenge myself to meet my fitness goals. I will tell you that being healthy is cheaper than the later. I like that I can have my music streaming while I work out no matter where I am.

5) I use my phone to work. The unlimited data, calls, and texting allow me to close deals. I can make sure my business is running even when I am not in front of my computer. I can’t tell you how valuable it is to me to have a phone that gives me the ability to do what I need to do from anywhere. Walmart offers Low Priced Unlimited Plans, Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web services.  The Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/month(for the first line) that includes Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data.

  • Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/5zv5 or your local Walmart for current pricing.
January 1, 2015

Stop Clipping Manufacturer Coupons to Save Thousands

Stop Clipping Manufacturer Coupons!  I know you are probably wondering why I am saying this, especially since I hope you know I started this site years ago teaching people how to cut coupons. I was diligent. I saved hundreds of dollars a month. Then all the extreme coupon shows happened and the savings disappeared.

I can tell you that I learned a lot. I have a cabinet full of random items that I bought using coupons. I mean three buckets full of things I didn’t need then and I do not need now. That taught me I was caught up in getting things for “free” but not things I needed. That means I took time away from my family for “stuff”. I am wiser now and I value my time and my money. I am also learning to live on less. This is how I save money and how I use coupons to really stretch our budget.

Manufacturer Coupons are so hot!  But I am telling you why I stopped clipping and started saving even more! Great Frugal Living Tips!


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August 25, 2014

How to Budget Money

How to Budget Money

how to budget money

I’m sure all of us wants to learn how to save money but fact is it’s not easy. There are times that you’re able to save a few bucks but some expenses will come and you need to pull out that money you saved. Learning how to budget money is not easy at first but once you make it a habit, you will be successful.

Tips on How to Budget Money

1. Give yourself a reward. If you stay on budget for three months, you totally deserve a reward! So, plan for it… stay on track… and deliver. Whether it’s an extra gift card to a shoe store, or a night out with your significant other, rewarding yourself is a great way to help keep your eye on the prize and realize your why for budgeting.

2. Review your budget. It’s important to review your budget on a regular basis – not only to see what isn’t working, but to see what is working. I think both parts are equally important, because without knowing both, you won’t be as successful.

Are you saving the amount you thought you would each month? Is it going towards the goal you originally set, or do you need to change your goal a bit? Are you still spending too much on shoes, or did you do really well at cutting back? Do you have some wiggle room? Tighten it up a bit by putting even more into savings (or into paying off debt).

3. Make it automatic. If you haven’t yet, make your savings contributions automatic – meaning, a set amount should come out of your paycheck each week without you having to blink an eye. Automatic deductions help us so much!

4. Pay with cash. While paying with a credit card is great (especially if it has rewards attached), paying cash keeps you accountable. Instead of picking up an extra thing here and there while you’re grocery shopping, you’ll be more likely to weigh how much you really need each item if you know you have a limited amount of cash on you.

5. Don’t stop believin’. Did you sing that line, like I did? I want you to keep in mind that budgeting isn’t always easy! It’s just like learning any new skill, changing your diet, or even trying to lose weight – it takes work. So when something doesn’t go perfectly, don’t get too stressed out. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do better next time. Believe that sticking to a budget is possible, and it will be.

6. Forgive yourself. If you do mess up – by splurging on an outfit you really didn’t need, or by spending too much on date night – forgive yourself! It’s the only way to move on and do better next time.

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Do you have tips on How to Budget Money? Share it with us below.

May 3, 2014

How To Save on Pet Care

How To Save on Pet Care

how to save on pet care

We love our pets and would do anything for them and that includes getting them proper care. Sometimes this care adds up and can put a drain on the wallet.  However, there are many ways to save on pet care that allow you to keep money in your wallet and still pamper your pet. Continue reading

April 21, 2014

Get Kids to Save Money: Jobs Kids Can Do

Get Kids to Save Money

Get Kids to Save Money

Once children are old enough to understand the concept of money, they are old enough to learn ways to make money. There are always jobs kids can do, particularly jobs around the house.

In our family, each child is assigned age-appropriate chores to complete each week.  They are not provided an allowance for doing these chores.  Here are some ideas for toddler chores and school age kid chores.

If our kids would like to earn some money, we keep a list of additional household chores which they can do and be paid.  Some of the items on the list include:  cleaning baseboards, dusting the china cabinet and pictures on the walls, mopping the kitchen floor, sweeping the garage, cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, and washing kitchen cabinet doors.

In addition to these household chores, our children have come up with all kinds of jobs they can do outside the house to make money.  Our son made money mowing lawns, washing cars, dog sitting, and repairing computers.  His most lucrative venture was developing a website and subsequently selling it for thousands of dollars.  Generally, the sky’s the limit when it comes to a kids’ imagination.  Let them decide what they want to do earn money but be aware of whether it is age appropriate.

Get Kids to Save Money

Once they are earning money, it is important to teach them about saving money.  It’s not always easy to get kids to save money, but it’s an invaluable lesson they need to learn.  One reason our children are willing to save money is because there are things they want which we are not willing to pay for.  That doesn’t mean we won’t contribute to the cost of the item.  We just feel they should contribute something toward it.

For example, let’s take the $100 pair of Nike shoes our son insisted he just “had to have.”  By requiring him to earn half the money for them, he appreciated them and took better care of them.  By requiring them to contribute to the cost of these items, we are teaching them to find ways to make money, to save money, and to make good choices with their money.

What are your tips to Get Kids to Save Money?

What jobs have your children done to earn money?  Let us know as we love to pass your tips on to our readers!

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April 5, 2014

Get Kids to Save Money

Get Kids to Save Money

Get Kids to Save Money

Saving money is the one thing we all agree on in our family.  Something we can do every day is to teach kids to save money.  No matter what we are purchasing, whether groceries, gas, clothes, toys, or services, there is always a discussion of how to save money on that purchase.  Our children know what the standard response from us is any time they ask if we can buy something:  “How much does cost, is it on sale, and is there a coupon for it?”  Many people might think this is a bit extreme but it is important to us.

By asking these questions, we have been able to teach our kids ways to save money.  In addition, they have learned to avoid impulse purchases.  Here are some of the things we’ve taught our kids to look at in order to save money:

Get Kids to Save Money


  • Price tags:  By looking at the price tag, you can learn a number of things such as the regular price, the sale price, and the unit price.
  • Coupons:  The hunt for coupons (whether they be in “blinky” machines or on product displays) is not only fun for kids but makes shopping easier on parents since the kids view it as a treasure hunt.
  • Name brand vs. store brand:  What is the difference in price?  What if we have a coupon for the name brand item?  Will the store brand item still be a better deal?

Get Kids to Save Money now! No matter what your child’s age, there are lessons to be learned.  The youngest of children can learn what money is.  By the time our son was three, he knew four quarters was worth more than four dimes, which was worth more than four nickels, and much more than four pennies.  Each shopping trip is an opportunity to teach kids about money and ways to save money.

By including our children in the decision making process, we’ve laid a foundation for their future.  Let us know what tips you have to Get Kids to Save Money.  We’d love to share them with our readers!

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