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April 5, 2013

25 Great Sandwich Ideas

25 Great Sandwich Ideas

25 great sandwich ideas

Are you tired of PB & J? Has bologna worn out its welcome? Are you bored with the same old, same old sandwich day after day? Studies show that most of us use the same recipes and eat the same foods over and over again, bringing on boredom and dulled taste buds.
Did you know the sandwich has been around since 1762? Which has given us plenty of time to come up with a few new ideas for lunch right? Think outside the bag ( the lunch bag, that is)!
A sandwich is basically anything you can slap between two pieces of bread. You don’t have to stay with the traditional meat, cheese, condiment combo. Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit, like  adding fruit,or try a new bread! Let your imagination run wild. These 25 great sandwich ideas for kids and adults are sure to shake you out of your brown bag blues!

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