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April 16, 2013

The Melting Pot Review

 The Melting Pot is my choice for a night out. 

the melting pot

The Melting Pot Entree Vegetables simmering in the Coq Au Vin Cooking Style.

I visited The Melting Pot on two separate occasions last month and was impressed both times. Each visit was a date night and a chance to catch up with friends and family, Kids Free. Each time was an experience of its own and provided a time of conversation, relaxation, amazing service, and delectable food.

The Melting Pot has recently reworked their menu and have allowed for more individual choices. This means that each person can pick their own individual entree and do not have to worry about “pairing up” for entree selection. The Melting Pot offers many variations of their menu and allows you to pick from 1 course to 4 courses.

We went for the gusto each time and selected their 4 course experience. An “experience” is what we received. We started with an awesome cheese fondue (there are 5 to choose from) and an adult drink (from their complete bar and wine cellar).Continue reading