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Karla’s Korner: 2013 Lessons Learned in Life

Lessons Learned in Life

lessons learned in life

2013 Lessons Learned in Life: Ahh Haa Moments, Memories and More….

It’s early morning; my house is quiet as I sit in the final glow of Christmas 2013. A few open gifts remain scattered under the Christmas tree; left behind are for me to put away like socks and books. The important things have been put away or packed into a duffle bag to return to college and the normality of life. It seems that just a few days ago life was filled with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas and all that the holiday would bring. Now it’s over; gone like the bag of wrapping paper sitting at the curb for the garbage truck to take away. It seems that it takes forever for the holidays to arrive and in a mere blink it’s over. So as I sit alone sipping coffee and reflecting not only on the events of this holiday season but of the past year I am in awe of the many changes that have taken place; changes that have settled deep within my soul leaving me looking forward to even more changes and challenges in the coming year.Continue reading